After weeks of battles and surprises, it’s all come down to this. One last shot to try and claim the title of America’s Best Dance Crew. Bring the noise.


The show starts with a light-filled, voice-overed, NBA style introduction of each crew member by member. Host Mario Lopez says that, to change things up, the phone lines will be open at the top of the show and the folks at home can vote whenever they like until the finale next week. But before then, each crew must tackle three challenges.

Round 1: Around the World Challenge
Backstage correspondent Layla Kayleigh explains to the crews that they’ll be dancing to the same master mix and must incorporate moves from Africa, the Caribbean, India, Brazil and Latin America into their own styles.

The sections go by really fast but they do a great job of both establishing transition moments and giving each region’s choreography its own voice. I liked the intro (Vex and Mike) and ending with the Africa flag, it was very smart. Of course there were some sick tricks thrown down and Ben had two ridiculous solos. There was the occasional syncronization issus but I can’t tell if they were really off or it just appearred that way sometimes because of the camera shots. Regardless, it was dope. Shane slo-mos Ben doing coin drops on his second solo. JC commends them on getting more hyped up with every section and Lil’ Mama liked it, though wants them to bring more energy to the next routine.

SoReal Cru

The routine was solid but the energy was quite high enough to really sell it, plus there weren’t entirely together. There were a lot of great moments though – each musical section had a signature move that came off well. JC slo-mos Brian’s flip pass towards the beginning. Lil’ Mama singles out Jackie for her mess up and admonishes them for not bringing it hard enough. Shane says there were highlights but there wasn’t anything spectacular.

SuperCr3w – 1, SoReal – 0

Round 2: Original Dance Craze Challenge
Layla explains that the crews will work with music producers to create the music and lyrics for a dance craze that they’ll develop.

Original Song/Dance: "S to the Chest"

It’s a catchy track and the dance is simple enough to learn quickly, both are definitely key. It was good but suffered the same energy issues that SoReal did their first time out. JC thought the rap on the track was very MC Hammer-like in it’s presentation, which Shane confirmed by momentarily spitting the chorus from "Pumps and a Bump" – that seriously made my night. JC slo-mos Do-Knock flipping over three guys at the end, and rightly so. Lil’ Mama gave them the note to stop thinking so hard and pick up the performance level. Shane wasn’t too hot on it either.

SoReal Cru
Original Song/Dance: "Smash It Up

The track has a screw/chop quality to it and they all have grills in. It was a simple enough dance with a good track but, most importantly, they brought a lot of energy to it (yes, again with that word). Also Mark broke out Hulk Hands to smash the stage and send out a shockwave towards the end. Happy thoughts from all the judges, with JC favoring their dance because it was more all inclusive and less about themselves.

SuperCr3w – 1, SoReal – 1

Final Round: Last Chance Challenge
The directive here is to create a routine that shows the people at home exactly what they’re about and why they deserve to the title.

Song: "Give It Up, Turn It Loose" by James Brown

No hype up issues here. They showed us three duo sets and really represented what they’re all about.

SoReal Cru
Song: "A Milli" by Lil’ Wayne

This is probably the hardest they’ve brought a routine all season. Big ups.

Well that just made things that much more difficult didn’t it? I appreciate that both crews finished strong and made this a real battle at the end.

SuperCr3w – 2, SoReal – 2

To fill out the extra time, each judge highlights their favorite moments from each crew. Lil’ Mama’s SoReal favorite is the Snake Charmer bit from their Week 3 routine; her SuperCr3w fave is the "Fly High" number. She then commends them both for bringing it hard in the finale. Shane’s favorite SuperCr3w performance was the basketball team themed number from Week 6 (where they battled Supreme Soul in the bottom two); he loved the domino head bobbles that SoReal did during their Missy Elliott routine. JC’s highlight from SoReal was the opening of Week 2’s Usher challenge with the "wavy fingers" bit; his favorite from SuperCr3w was the Week 1 falling Ninja towers.

What did you think of tonight? Would you do either dance? What were your favorite moments for the final crews and all the others? Who do you want to win?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks