The first real week of competition starts on Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. Sure, it's easy to be great with a month to practice but who will be able to pull off a great routine in such a short time? It's won't be easy considering the moves they'll have to work into their sets…

Tonight's challenge is the "Fit Test" in which each crew must incorporate "a demanding exercise" into half of their routines. Host Mario Lopez will read off who is safe two at a time until the bottom four remain.

Oh! And JC Chasez has taken a break from filming so he can judge this week.

1. Quest Crew

Move: Kickboxing

Song: "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne

Since Steve is a martial artist, he showed them a lot of moves they could use. He'll also be taking point on some of their bigger tricks, ones that he doesn't land consistently. The number had a fighter video game feel to it and Steve most certainly hit all his tricks. They had a lot of sick maneuvers in there, starting and ending strong. My favorite parts were Hok and Steve, as the fighters, being picked up and rotated in frozen fighting poses, headslides across half the floor into flips over backs, and pretty much all of Steve's tricks.

Judges: JC thought number overall was a little to pose-y but liked parts of it. Lil' Mama also thought there were moments of greatness and that it was fun but they have to come harder on the choreography side. Shane thought they were both crazy and slo-moed three separate moments, all sick, and said they killed it.

2. Fly Khicks

Move: Springback

Song: "Crazy" by Pitbull ft. Lil' Jon

One of the girls hurt herself during practice, landing on her neck (ouch), so she has to sit out some of the rehearsals so she can dance come show time. First of all, they're outfits are crazy to the point that they're distracting. Stripes and bustiers and no pants and neon colors. The had a proper amount of energy but it was nothing super special. So dazzled by the costumes am I, I can't even tell you of any specific moves they did. They look like they were doing a number on In Living Color back in 1989…or possibly 1992.

Judges: Lil' Mama liked their Harajuku theme and thought the best part was their jumping segment. She was disappointed that they looked like "cheerleaders" and want them to bring it like she knows they can. Shane agrees but thinks they can bring more creativity to the choreography. JC thought it was good but not outstanding.

3. Strikers All-Stars

Move: Monkey Roll

Song: "Move If You Wanna" by Mims

Tallie is also part of Florida A&M's Marching 100 who got invited to play at the inaugural parade so he has to choose whether to stay or go. During rehearsal, he decides that he's going to stay and all the other guys are super happy. I like that they are so exact with their movements. They hit them hard and with emphasis. They work the rolls in there very well and they heeded Shane's advice to drop the music out so you can hear them stepping (helped by the mix a little). The ended with three guys making the "hear/see/speak no evil" tower with the rest on the ground in body positions like gorillas. Great job.

Judges: Shane said they just became his favorite group based on their energy and entertainment factor. He slo-moed the monkey roll with one guy rolling over all six other guys with perfect timing. JC called it a "game-changer" performance. Lil' Mama complimented their perfect timing.

4. Beat Freaks

Move: Side Planks

Song: "I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T." by Webby(?)

Their move is really hard because it's stationary. I like their costumes, which are colorful, modern Rosie the Riveter in theme. They do this really impressive sequence in the middle with them doing a series of floor maneuvers in waves. Their abs must hurt after the end of this. I think they did a great job reinterpreting their move.

Judges: Lil' Mama said that the energy wasn't as big as last week but they still had attitude. She slo-moed that wave sequence and loved it. Shane called them "seven superheroes" and loved it too. JC thought they'd be screwed based on the move but thinks they did a great job with it.

Our last four crews take the stage to see who's safe and who's possibly on the way out. Between Dynamic Edition and Boxcuttuhz, Dynamic Edition makes it through. Can't say I'm happy about that. Out of Ringmasters and Team Millennia, Ringmasters' bizarre contortions ensure they move on to next week.

5. Dynamic Edition

Move: High Knees

Song: "Shake That" by Eminem ft. Nate Dogg

I don't really see how the move is that challenging seeing that it fits perfectly into what they do. The hip hop moves they incorporated were hit better than last week. They were very clean and precise, hit all their formations perfectly, and they performed their challenge well. Nothing else to say really.

Judges: JC compliments them on how high their knees got and love their cleanliness. He takes umbrage to Shane saying that they have to be more "hip hop" last week because they're very creative and don't have to be something they're not. Lil' Mama agrees. Shane clarifies that he didn't say "more hip hop," he said "better" – essentially, if you're gonna do it, do it right. But he loves them and it's just that people aren't used to what they do.

6. Ringmasters

Move: Soldier Crawl

Song: "Put On" by Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West

Dressed in orange jumpsuits, at the end of the number they threw one guy wearing a hat that says "guard" off the stage and into a foam table like the WWE. They were creative with their challenge move but didn't have a lot in terms of choreography.

Judges: Shane loves it but needs more dance, he doesn't want them gone by the fifth episode. JC basically agrees with Shane and digs them. Lil' Mama said she wasn't impressed because she knows they're capable of more and gives the tip to use higher energy music.

The Bottom Two

As usual, the two least vote-getters will dance back-to-back and the judges will decide who will stay and who will go home. The order they dance in is decided by a coin toss.

Team Millennia

Move: Leap Frog

Song: "Disturbia" by Rihanna

Jason got hurt during rehearsal, landing on his lower back. Geez, what's going on this week? Their theme is that they're zombies returning from their casting special "death." I liked this number better than last week's, it seemed more authentically them. Like they weren't trying too hard. It was clean and their isolations section was good.


Move: Mountain Climbers

Song: "Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)" by N.E.R.D.

This is a really hard move too. Lydia, who is tiny, found it hard to do but persevered. I love their theme which is a gym class with one guy acting as the teacher. Great personality overall and I liked their choreography.

Judges: Lil' Mama appreciated that Millennia brought back their inherent style. She also liked the theme. Shane likes how both groups do choreography so well and complimented the Cuttuhz on how creative they were with their challenge. JC also digs what both groups do and liked both of their strong character choices. He thought Team Millennia started slow but picked up with their precision moves. As for Boxcuttuhz, he said that sometimes he can see "the wheels turning" in their heads during the numbers, just to figure out. Either way, he says, the team leaving will be missed.

After some discussion, the judges have decided that…Team Millennia will live to dance another day. Poor Boxcuttuhz. I really do like them. They take the elimination as well as they could though Lydia is visibly unhappy. Aw…I want to hug her.

Assorted Bits & Pieces:

  • I got to go to the taping and when Mario said it was a tough decision, it was. The judges talked about it for a good chunk of time. During the down time, Do-Knock from Supercr3w and one of the Jabbawockeez (didn't get a good look at his face) lead the audience in some dances. It was good times.

  • Oh, yeah…Supercr3w, Jabbawockeez, and a few members of Fanny Pak and Break Skate were all in the house. Good times.

  • Also, one of Dynamic Edition hurt themselves before they got a chance to perform – I'm not sure exactly how or what happened but it did delay their number. After filming the Ringmasters' performance, the medical team okayed D.E. to perform.

  • Overall, I think the crews did well especially with some very odd moves to contend with. Fly Khicks and Ringmasters should be a little worried for next week. Possibly Dynamic Edition as well.

  • Next week's challenge will have the crews choreographing numbers based on Britney Spears videos. That should be very, very interesting.

Your thoughts? Did they send the right crew home? Which was your favorite number? Least favorite?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks