randy-travis-mug-shot-arrest-pics-naked-nude-pics-89.jpgThe 911 caller who reported finding Randy Travis after an apparent accident in Texas on Tuesday (Aug. 7) didn’t realize the “white male” with “light brown hair” he was describing the Grammy-winning country music singer.

“I just found a guy laying in the road,” the caller tells the dispatcher. “I want to say he had no shirt on.”

The caller adds that he saw no vehicle around Travis, though he could make out what he thought was headlights in a bush up the road. Travis had apparently run his Pontiac Trans Am off the road and into a barricade. TMZ reports that after he was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, he threatened to “shoot and kill officers working the case.” In the mug shot snapped afterward, Travis is sporting a black eye and cuts he reportedly sustained from the accident.

Also according to TMZ, a local attorney showed up at the jail to offer his services — and a hat to shield Travis’ face from reporters — and an area fan paid Travis’ $21,500 cash bond.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper