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Country singer Randy Travis was arrested almost two weeks ago for suspicion of public intoxication outside the First Baptist Church in Sanger, Texas. Cops allegedly found him sitting alone in his car with an open bottle of wine.

Now video of the arrest, taken via the dashboard camera, has leaked online. The officers can be heard asking Travis for ID and radioing for more officers, saying, “Subject is stating he is the Randy Travis and that he has a driver’s license out of New Mexico.”

Travis can be heard slurring his words and struggling to open the car door, then when the officer says he’s going to take Travis to jail for public intoxication, Travis responds, “Really? Are you kidding me?”

Then Travis reacts adversely to being put in handcuffs – “You fixing to put handcuffs on me, are you? Is that what you’re fixing to do?”

At one point, an officer can be heard saying that Travis told him he’d been arguing with his future wife.

On the way to the jail, Travis can be heard asking if someone will drive him back to his car and when the officer says he doesn’t know, Traivs responds, “You don’t? You should. Don’t you think you should know that? I think you should.
Because I own the f****** vehicle, and I actually have a license,
and I’m actually a state taxpayer. Yeah, yeah, you should know that, by
the way.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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