Randy Travis, the country singer who has spent the past week in intensive care, is now “awake and alert,” indicating that his medical condition is beginning to stabilize.

This marks one of the first pieces of good news for Travis, 54. He was initially admitted to the hospital for cardiomyopathy and for congestive heart failure on July 8 and later suffered a stroke during treatment. The singer needed mechanical help to keep his heart going for the first 48 hours of treatment and has been breathing with the help of a ventilator throughout his stay.

Although Travis remains in critical condition in intensive care, Dr. Gary Ewin of the Heart Hospital Baylor Plano says that the patient’s condition is starting to improve. “He is awake and alert, interacting with his family and friends and beginning to start doing some early physical therapy,” Ewin said in a video interview on Monday (July 15).

Until Travis is able to breathe consistently without the ventilator, he will need to remain in intensive care — but doctors think they can begin to wean him off of the machine now.

Travis’ medical treatment is far from over. He will need aggressive physical therapy and time to stabilize his heart (which has suffered major scarring), and doctors expect this will continue for at least two to three weeks in the hospital. Following his discharge, Travis will likely need months to recover from his stroke, possibly at an in-patient facility elsewhere.

Posted by:Laurel Brown