supernatural ranking season finales Ranking all the 'Supernatural' season finales: Which one is the best? Where does Season 9's finale fall? “Supernatural” sure knows how to deliver an incredible season finale. And hey, it should — The CW’s long-running hit drama has had nine chances to perfect it.

On Tuesday (May 20) night, fans finally got to see how the sometimes-uneven Season 9 ended, and though the series did stumble a few times over the course of this season, it bowed on a high note with a cliffhanger that left fans salivating for more … as usual. Seriously, there’s nothing like a “Supernatural” finale cliffhanger to keep fans around all summer, counting down the days until the fall premiere. 

In the cold light of day after the Season 9 finale ended, Zap2it decided to look back and see how Dean’s death/resurrection as a demon compares to the eight other season finales, with all the deaths, resurrections, deals with the devil and angel apocalypses the hit drama has delivered in the past. 
Where does Season 9’s stack up against the rest? Which one is the best? Which one is the worst (not like any of them were bad, but one has to fall at the bottom like the angels fell from heaven, right?)? Check out the definitive ranking of all the “Supernatural” season finales below:

9. “Devil’s Trap” (Season 1)

Sam and Dean rescue their father from demon’s, but he’s possessed by Azazel and tortures Dean. Sam shoots him in the leg with the Colt, allowing Azazel to escape, and as they’re driving to the hospital, a truck rams into them out of nowhere.

That’s pretty much the most cliche ways to end a season finale, and “Supernatural” deserved better. But at least Sam got to play the hero and the boys were reunited with their father. This was only the first season, so there had to be some growing pains. Thankfully, “Supernatural” matured leaps and bounds by the next season finale. 

8. “All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)” (Season 2)

Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life – starting the cycle of Winchester brothers sacrificing themselves for each other, one that will never end. He now has a year left on the clock until he gets dragged to hell. The climax is extremely exciting, with a gate to hell opening, letting loose an army of demons into the world, and John’s soul breaks free with them, grabbing hold of Azazel so Dean can shoot him with the Colt, finally killing the big bad.

7. “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (Season 6)

After Castiel breaks the wall in Sam’s mind, Sam wrestles with himself in his mind as he attempts to regain his memories of time without his soul. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby attempt to stop Cas from opening Purgatory, since he’s now in league with Crowley. Cas kills fellow angels Balthazar and Raphael, and Crowley escapes before he can deal out the same fate. Cas opens Purgatory and absorbs all the souls, and Sam stabs with an angel knife, but it does nothing. Cas names himself the new God and forces Sam, Dean and Bobby to bow down to him … under threat of death.

6. “Survival of the Fittest” (Season 7)

Dean and a still-kind-of-insane Cas kill the leader of the Leviathans, Dick Roman, but his death transports them to Purgatory, and Cas disappears on Dean as soon as they arrive, leaving him all alone to fend off all the monsters hunting him there. Meanwhile, Crowley now has plans to become the next big bad now that Dick is dead and the throne is wide open for the taking. He captures Meg and Kevin Tran and disappears, leaving Sam all alone on earth, since he previously burned Bobby’s flask, giving his ghost peace and preventing him from becoming a vengeful spirit.

5. “Lucifer Rising” (Season 4)

It is first revealed in the Season 4 finale that the angels aren’t actually all good, since Zachariah wants the apocalypse to start so earth is cleansed and paradise will come. Dean’s real task from the angels isn’t stopping the apocalypse from starting, but ending it once it has come. Castiel disobeys his orders for the first time and helps Dean escape Zachariah’s prison to try and stop Lilith from breaking the finale seal, but Ruby gets Sam to use his demon powers to kill Lilith, which is actually the final seal itself, as Ruby has been working for Lucifer all along. Sam and Dean kill Ruby with her own knife, but it’s too late to stop Lucifer from breaking free from his cage, and all they can do is watch it open in horror.

4. “No Rest for the Wicked” (Season 3)

Dean is dragged to hell by a hellhound after his year expires, and the final shot of Season 3 is chilling, with Dean trapped in hell, terrified, all alone, chained up with meat hooks stabbed through his body, shouting in pain for Sam. Meanwhile, up on earth, Lilith is unable to use her powers on Sam for an unknown reason and flees, while Sam clutches his dead brother’s body, facing the harsh truth that although he tried for the past year, he failed to save him.

3. “Swan Song” (Season 5)

Dean finally agrees to let Sam get possessed by Lucifer, as Sam thinks he can overpower the possession and jump back into the cage, sacrificing himself for the well-being of the world. But Lucifer overpowers Sam in seconds after possessing him. Their other brother Adam is possessed by Michael, and before they can fight, Dean arrives with Bobby and Castiel in one of the most epic entrances on the series, and one of the most quoted lines: “Hey, a**butt!”

Still in Sam’s body, Lucifer explodes Cas with a snap of his fingers, snaps Bobby’s neck, and beats Dean to a bloody pulp while Dean refuses to fight back, hoping Sam will break through. He finally does in the nick of time after catching sight of green army men toys in the Impala, reminding him of growing up with Dean, and he forces Lucifer to jump into the cage, pulling Michael with him. Cas then reappears, telling Dean the God promoted him and brought him back. He heals Dean, resurrects Bobby, and Dean, emotionally broken and alone, goes to his old girlfriend Lisa’s house. But Sam is revealed to be standing outside, watching Dean. What? Isn’t he supposed to be in the cage? Why isn’t he going to his brother? Plus, where did Chuck go? Is he God now? That’s one of the Supernatural mysteries that still has yet to be explained.

2. “Do You Believe In Miracles” (Season 9)

After a rocky season with the brothers at odds with each other, they finally forgave each other in the only way they knew how: Sacrificing themselves to save each other. It’s the Winchester way, of course. Dean fought Metatron but died in the end. Sam tried to do what Dean did for him all those years ago and tried summoning Crowley to strike a deal — his soul for Dean’s life — but Crowley was already in the other room with Dean’s body. The king of hell knew Dean’s Mark of Cain wouldn’t let him die, and he urged Dean to open his eyes to a new kind of life. And Dean did open his eyes … as a demon. This will surely change the entire series down to its core with Dean as a demon, a.k.a. the one thing the brothers have hunted all their lives. 

1. “Sacrifice” (Season 8)

No one will ever forget that hauntingly beautiful final shot of the Season 8 finale, with thousands of angels falling to earth, their wings burning off as they plummet through the sky. Metatron was able to complete the third trial to shut the gates of heaven by stealing Cas’ grace, making him human. Dean stopped Sam from completing the third trial to close the gates of hell, since he found out it would kill Sam, but Sam is okay with sacrificing his life to make up for all the times he let Dean down in a heartbreaking confession that was some of Jared Padalecki’s best work yet. But Dean convinces Sam to let it go and he forgives him for everything — the brothers are truly at their best here with the hug to end all hugs — and Sam stops the trial. However, stopping the trial fatally hurts Sam, and by the end of the hour, his life is left hanging in the balance. Also, Crowley’s fate is also left hanging in the balance, since Sam almost cured him of being a demon but didn’t finish, so is he a human, or a demon, or something in between?

“Supernatural” returns in the fall for Season 10 on The CW — surely ready to deliver yet another amazing season finale.

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