A video of Chicago rapper Lil Reese beating up a woman has gone viral since it was released, and now the GBE musician has come out to address the controversy. Though the video, which can be seen above, shows Reese brutally attacking a woman to the point that she was lying on the ground screaming, he doesn’t seem apologetic about the situation.

“The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh– from years ago damnn we winnin it’s 2 late…#3hunna,” he writes. “Dis wat doin betta den da next mf bring small s*** it’s nothin time 2 turn Uppp f*** it…#3hunna.”

During the incident, things escalated quickly from the woman saying, “Who the f*** let them in here” of Reese and his posse to him giving her a small shove. She pushes back and says, “They didn’t stop making guns when they made yours,” before Reese pushes her up against a wall and starts beating on her. Their friends tried to pull him off her as she fell to the ground, screaming, “Why? Why? Why?” but he continues kicking at her for several more seconds.

You might not have heard of Reese yet, but he’s a rising star in the rap world. He’s a member of Chief Keef‘s rap clique Glory Boys Entertainment, and he released his “Don’t Like” mixtape with DJ Drama and Don Canon earlier this month. Hopefully after this situation someone has a long sitdown conversation with him to explain that regardless of who you are, this behavior isn’t acceptable. You know, someone like a police officer.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz