rare 1792 penny sells for over 1 million Rare 1792 penny sells for $1.15 millionStart going through your pockets, everyone. Pennies may not do anything but take up space in your purse or fill a jar in your house, but some of them are actually worth a lot of money. One rare experimental penny from 1792 just sold at auction for $1.15 million.

The coin was auctioned off at the Renaissance Schaumberg Convention Center in Chicago. The man with the very expensive change purse? Kevin Lipton of Beverly Hills, CA bought the penny. He did it for a group of unnamed investors.

Technically the penny sold for a million, but there is a 15 percent commission. Well, that’s just spare change, right?

The same coin was last sold at a public auction in 1974 $105,000, according to CS Monitor. There are only 14 of these coins known to be in existence. Shake out those pockets!

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