Raven-Symone-weight-loss.jpgWhen Raven-Symone was at her heaviest, she wore a girdle to fit into red-carpet styles. Ironically, now that she’s slimmed down to a trip 135 lbs – losing nearly 70 pounds – she wears body padding to make her “State of Georgia” character look heavier.

“Georgia started out as a bigger girl, and yes I did wear body pads,” she tells The Insider. “I wore the same amount of body pads to make me the size that I was… I had to call the psychiatrist. I’m like ‘What’s going on?'”

She chatted with the writing team on the show. “I said, ‘One, the show shouldn’t be about weight,'” she explains. “I said, ‘Eventually, I really don’t want to wear pads.’ As a female, I’m going to fluctuate monthly — please keep that in, I don’t care — I’m going to fluctuate monthly, let alone through relationships, let alone, they might add salt more into something that I eat that I don’t know about and then I’ve got to stop eating that.”

Raven also set the record straight about rumors that she had a baby in 2009 — and photos online of her alleged child. “One, I’m an African-American. You can tell if you take my weave off,” she jokes. “Even if I did date someone of Caucasian descent, my baby wouldn’t turn out like that. I think because I was big for so long and at certain times and fluctuated so much that that they thought I had baby weight, just because I was thicker.”

While she’s open to new relationships, Raven says she’s not too worried about finding the right man right away. “When I was 15, I already knew I was going to have three divorces. I already have the prenup written. That’s just because I admire Liz Taylor.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie