ravenswood believe 'Ravenswood' 'Believe' gets scarier: What did Mayor Matheson know?On the latest “Ravenswood” episode, titled “Believe,” the town holds Miranda’s funeral and everything gets a whole lot scarier.

It turns out the late Mayor Matheson figured out what’s been going on in Ravenswood and he was killed because of it. His high school girlfriend, a pretty blonde named Abigail Wheeler, was one of the five kids killed in the laboratory fire of 1992. She was trying to contact Charles to warn him about the curse (and presumably his children) but he was taken out before he could do anything.

The five kids discover all of this because Olivia starts seeing Abby, first at her father’s grave and then at the school. Remy was already on board and Caleb has been chillin’ with a ghost for a day or so, so once Olivia’s down, Luke humors her and they all hold a seance where stuff gets real.

For every benevolent Abby running around Ravenswood, it sounds like there is at least one malevolent spirit, out to get the kids. And it all has to do with the Five Pact, which we’re assuming is something that perhaps the town’s elders entered into after the flood of 1896 that keeps Ravenswood soldiers safe during wartime but the sacrifice is five kids once the lone soldier survivor returns from war.

Whatever it is, this episode was a whole lotta fun with scares galore. Now this is what I’m talkin’ about. I’ll be honest — the first time episodes of the new series didn’t grab me. But this one raised the stakes and made me jump and scream at least twice, so I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s nice that the other kids can see Miranda now, not just Caleb. That will make things a lot easier, though bummer for her that she appears to be trapped on the Collins’ property/graveyard.
  • I’m curious as to whether Miranda survives Season 1. Will she eventually get to “cross over” and see her parents? That’d be a nice ending at the end of the season.
  • What do you suppose Uncle Raymond wants with a lock of Miranda’s hair?
  • And when do you support Carla Grunwald will start seeing Miranda — because you know she will.
  • Best line: “He has guests. Perhaps the kind he shouldn’t be inviting.”

What did you think of tonight’s “Ravenswood”? Are you a “Believer”-er?

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