nicole gale anderson ravenswood abc family 'Ravenswood': Caleb and Miranda are 'soulmates,' Raymond Collins' powers and more from EP Oliver GoldstickZap2it got to do a post-mortem (no pun intended) interview for the “Ravenswood” midseason finale from Tuesday (Nov. 19) with executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who teases that there are more flashbacks to come — and not just to 1918.

Miranda was tricked by some kind of evil force pretending to be her parents. Is “devil” the right word?

“Close enough. We say ‘demons’ more than devil, but the idea is she was being tricked, hood-winked, hornswaggled, every other word you can use, into that world. Knowing her greatest vulnerability, wanting to meet her mother, the demon took control, took advantage of that in a big way.”

Miranda and Caleb continue to grow closer, can you talk about that relationship a bit?

“They met in a life-and-death situation. It’s a pretty bonding experience. People who have survived things like that, when they have near-death experiences … that’s pretty deep, it’s pretty profound and it rivals anything in Rosewood between Caleb and Hanna. That’s the thing we have to keep in mind as an audience member.

“Their bonding shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone. They’re soulmates on so many levels, Miranda and Caleb, having had a very similar past. That was not arbitrary, it was very intentional on our part. The idea that they could go close very quickly — the relationship went from zero to 60 in many ways simply because there was a short-hand between them that he does not have with Hanna.”

Of course, there’s the small problem that she’s dead.

“That can put a chill on any relationship, yes. [laughs] That will continue to haunt, no pun intended, the relationship.”

There was a pretty big reveal last night with Dillon, who seems to be in cahoots with the demons.

“You’re going to find out. It’s a twisted story behind Dillon. [But] he’s mortal. He’s a real teenager at that high school. He’s not otherworldly.”

Is he possibly connected to past Caleb and past Miranda?

“Possibly. You’re very smart. That’s your problem, you’re too smart.”

Can we look forward to more flashbacks when the show returns?

“Hopefully they’re going to be helpful to you for the mythology and the legacy of the town. We come back in the first episode with some great flashback material and that will help the audience, you’ll be able to hold on to something and go, ‘That’s what happens! That’s why these kids are targeted, that’s what they’re paying the price for.’ That will very much come into play the next five episodes.”

Will there be different eras that you visit or is it strictly the 1918 crowd?

“You’re going to see different eras too.”

What’s going on with Raymond Collins, because we fall firmly in the “he’s a good guy” camp. We think he’s trying to protect the kids.

“I can’t definitively say that’s true, but there’s definitely questions about him. He’ll be dimensionalized — is this a person who is also a victim or is this person a predator?”

Does Collins have any powers, like Mrs. Grunwald does?

“I can’t give that away, but — yes.”

“Ravenswood” returns on Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 on ABC Family.

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