ravenswood lilah collins our town 'Ravenswood' 'Devil Has a Face': 'Our Town' in a town full of ghosts is how we like our ironyWhen we last left “Ravenswood,” we were double-locking the doors and sleeping with the lights on. Here’s hoping the scares keep coming on our new favorite show.

The Curse

Even after seeing Miranda last episode, Luke doesn’t want to mess with the curse. But Remy, Caleb, Miranda and Olivia are plunging full speed ahead with their investigations. Miranda and Olivia look into Raymond Collins, who seemingly used to be romantically involved with Michelle Matheson — and did not get along with her husband.

They don’t find the bloody knife that killed Charles Matheson in his chamber o’horrors but they do find his hair sample collection, including a drawer for the five teens killed in 1992 and a new drawer with Miranda’s hair sample in it. Creeeeeepy. Naturally, by the time Caleb gets there to confront Uncle Ray, the hair is gone.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Remy are off to talk to the brother of Caleb’s doppelganger from way back when. Henry is his name and he’s in a nursing home, but he escapes that night to bring Caleb a set of keys (maybe. We’ll get to that in a second).

The first key opens a room in the school basement (the building used to be the county courthouse, which — that’s weird, but whatever). Anyway, the room kind of looks like an evidence locker of some sort, but it’s hard to tell in the dark. But inside, Caleb finds a box that the second key fits — until he breaks it off inside the lock. At episode’s end, he manages to kick the box open, but we don’t get to see what’s inside just yet.

Probably Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.

The Ghosts

Friendly and unfriendly spirits continue to haunt the kids, from Abby Wheeler and her gang of lab fire kids, to Caleb Rivers the Elder, to Lilah Collins. During an “Our Town” rehearsal, Lilah appears to Miranda and then leads her through a doorway with white light shining through it.

The Luke Stuff

Speaking of “Our Town,” Luke needs extra credit in Mr. Price’s class, so he has to step in to play George Gibbs to Tess as Emily Webb in the Thornton Wilder play. They share a kiss during rehearsal that is not entirely about the play, though to Luke’s immense credit, he is honest with Remy about it right away and they’re kind of on a break now. He needs someone who can make him laugh, not someone obsessed with death all the time.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The love triangle stuff is actually really well done on this show and I do not say that lightly because that stuff gets so tiresome most of the time. But the Luke/Remy rift is very believable, Luke has surprisingly good chemistry with Tess, Remy and Caleb have a great vibe going, plus Miranda the ghost likes Caleb (because of course she does, he’s like her knight in shining armor).
  • As long as the show doesn’t go to a weird Izzy-Stevens-ghost-sex place with Caleb and Miranda, we’re OK.
  • Of course the high school is performing “Our Town” in the decidedly most un-“Our-Town”-y place in the world. Hey, remember how they did “Our Town” on “My So-Called Life”? Heartbreaking. If you haven’t seen that series, get it now. It’s only like 18 episodes total and it’s so worth it.
  • Raise your hand if you think instead of Henry Rivers “escaping” to come find Caleb, he actually died in his sleep at the old folks’ home and visited Caleb as a ghost? That’s our theory.
  • Speaking of Henry, his crack about Remy being like Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith Bolling Galt was awesome. It’s also nice to see an old person character on TV who isn’t racist. 
  • Which side do you think Raymond is really on? We think he’s a curse investigator, not a curse killer guy.
  • “Honey-roasted penis.” Heh.
  • Best line: “No one wants to talk to you, Remy. You’re the press.” — Caleb

Next week looks like a lot of fun. We’re glad to see Miranda is not gone forever, though hopefully her mom wasn’t a fake-out malevolent spirit because that would be pretty tough to swallow. Poor Miranda should get to see her mom. Though the title of the episode is “The Devil Has a Face,” so. Yikes.

What did you think of “The Devil Has a Face”?

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