tyler blackburn along came a spider ravenswood 'Ravenswood': Dillon sacrificed Olivia to save himselfWe learn some interesting things about Dillon Sanders on the latest “Ravenswood” episode.

The Curse

It’s Caleb’s first day at school and history teacher Mr. Price informs him of a chapel at the west entrance to the Collins cemetery that Raymond won’t let anyone into. Caleb and Miranda set out to investigate and eventually find the key — angering some of the Collins residence ghosts in the process — and let themselves in to snoop around.

A shaft of light coming in through the window reveals to them six names written on the floor: Scudder, Dalton, Sanders, Watterman, Baker and Rivers, the ones that signed the pact. There are several questions the names raise, like why six and not five, as in five kids that die during each wartime? And why is Caleb’s the only family name? Also, Dillon’s last name is Sanders, so that’s not a coincidence.

It turns out Dillon is one of the names down for the pact, but he got out of it by sacrificing Olivia to “Him,” which is presumably the demon behind everything.

The Townsfolk

Rochelle Matheson is arrested for her husband’s murder — the actual arrest being watched by a brunette woman with a giant purple blotch on her face who then has a giant spider crawl out of her cheek. It’s not the greatest CGI, but it’s still pretty gross.

The Mathesons can’t pay for Rochelle’s bail (have these people never heard of bail bondsmen? Plus, usually you only pay 10 percent of whatever the bail is set at), but anyway, Raymond mortgages his funeral home business to pay for it. He also replaced Charles Matheson’s headstone with one that has a coating to hopefully keep someone from being able to deface it again.

Luke is not overjoyed about Raymond continuing to horn in on his family and his anger is just compounded by the fact that he catches Olivia kissing Dillon. When the twins fight about Dillon — since he claims he was shipped off to bible camp after his parents found his condoms, while Springer says Dillon’s been around the whole time — Olivia tells Luke that she slept with Dillon.

This sends Luke through the roof. It’s not so much a slut-shaming kind of thing, it’s more something like 80 percent “You slept with this sketchy, evil dude?!” and like 20 percent “My sister had sex before I did?!” Hee.

Luke is also not wild about Olivia telling Collins to get their mom out of jail, but he’s happy to have her home, so he rolls with it. He’s way more upset about Dillon.

Meanwhile, Remy offers Springer a deal — she’ll print his dad’s story in the Gazette if he talks to the cops about the knife he planted. She holds up her end of the bargain, with some implied permission from her father. Later, her father rescinds his permission and gives Remy quite the dressing down, ending in her firing from the paper.

But at the very end of the episode, Remy sees Springer and Dillon drive off together, deep in conversation. Was Springer marked too somehow? What about Tess? Hmm.

: That was not Springer in the car with Dillon, it was Collins. It was dark and we thought it was Springer, but upon a second viewing, we’re sure it was Collins. Interesting. We’ve always been in the Collins-is-good camp, so perhaps Dillon is as well? Or maybe Collins is more evil than we think.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s so great on shows like this where you get involved with the parental figures too. Like on how “Pretty Little Liars,” we’re always interested in what Ashley Marin or Ella Montgomery are up to, here we are totally ‘shipping Raymond Collins and Rochelle Matheson. Let’s hope those two crazy kids can work it out.
  • So, if Dillon is Sanders and Caleb is Rivers, what are the other names? Is it because some descendants along the way were women and they married, changing their last names?
  • Honestly, it would seem to us that the names shouldn’t match up to the kids, right? Why would the town elders sacrifice their own kids? Why wouldn’t they sacrifice other people’s kids? But then why are Rivers and Sanders OK with it and the four others aren’t? And why is there an extra name? We’ve always imagined (before we knew anything) that there were five town elders, each corresponding to a dead kid — but not their own kids. A different, other family each time there was a war. Does that make sense?
  • Dillon giving up Olivia to “Him,” with her being the thing he cares about most, is quite the blow for Olivia, in a way reminiscent of Buffy sleeping with Angel and then him losing his soul and turning evil.

Best Lines:

Miranda: “You can still crave something you can’t have.”

Luke: “You go all the way with a guy, he disappears for three days? Good decision!”

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