ravenswood finale tyler blackburn ashley benson 'Ravenswood' finale has a 'dimensional reshuffling,' teases EP Joseph Dougherty“Ravenswood” is wrapping up its first season on ABC Family Tuesday (Feb. 4) when Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) from “Pretty Little Liars” comes to town intent on confronting Miranda, a perceived boyfriend-stealer. Little does she know that Miranda is no longer among the living.

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty tells Zap2it that writing Hanna’s reappearance in Ravenswood was some of his favorite material he’s written all season.

Zap2it: How does Hanna take the news about Miranda and the curse?

Dougherty: How do you think you’d take it? [laughs] Writing Hanna coming back was some of the most interesting stuff
I’ve been able to do for the series. Let’s just say it’s a tribute to
the relationship that those two characters have that Caleb is actually
able to explain, or at least state certain facts. It’s an awful lot for
Hanna to process and it’s really so outside of her experience, despite
all she’s been through. It is the last thing she ever thought she’d
hear. She wants to have a confrontation and she’s robbed of that
confrontation and in a way that’s totally unexpected.

Will the murderous preacher Abaddon be making an appearance in the finale? Last time we saw him, he was hurtling through time and space with Miranda.

Remember that you’ve got forces that can take many forms, so will you see
the form of Abaddon again? Yes, you will. You have to remember that
Abaddon … if you listen to what he says to Remy during his invasion of
her dream about ‘I’m this, I’m not that.’ I’m the deal-maker, I think he

In the preview clips, Remy and Luke are investigating a blind teen who died named Ryan Atwater, what can you tell us about him?
Ryan is one of the kids who was a victim of the curse in one of the earlier cycles since the pact was originally made back in 1918. He is able to guide their search for the truth of things that have happened in the recent past. … Remy’s sensitivity and her sleep issues actually made it easier for Ryan to communicate with her as opposed to one of the other kids.

The final frames of episode nine showed Collins seemingly arguing with Dillon and then they drove away when Remy spotted them. Will that relationship be addressed in the finale? And will Dillon figure heavily into the finale?
Yes and yes. That discussion with Dillon is spoken about right at
the top of the episode. There’s a conversation between Grunwald and
Collins and my memory is that Miranda overhears it.

Speaking of Collins, we haven’t quite figured him out yet. Will we get more about him in episode 10?

He does what he does very specifically. This episode has a great
crescendo feel to it, a lot of things come together. There’s a
confrontation between Caleb and Collins in the second half which has a
lot to do with ‘why have you been doing this?’ And he articulates —
you’ll hear more about why what’s been being done and what his role is
and how conscionable he is.

We’re definitely ‘shipping Collins and Rochelle Matheson. We think they were in love once and we hope they can get back together.

We think a lot about fate and destiny and what you can do to
change your fate. What you heard last week when those two were talking
in jail, I think Ray Collins has been trying to do the right thing and
it just hasn’t worked, it’s never worked out for him. I’ve always
thought of him as more tragic than bad.

We’ve always been part of the “Collins is good” camp.
You will be very satisfied, I think, by episode 10.

What about the woman with the spiders crawling out of her face? Will we get more information about who she is?

She comes under the heading with what we talked about a couple minutes ago — the forces that are acting against our people come in many forms. … I’m just saying that forms shift. Sometimes people see what they want to see and sometimes people see what they expect to see.

There’s no official announcement yet about “Ravenswood” coming back, we hope to hear one soon.
You and me both, sister.

Have you been thinking about the future? Has there been much discussion about where the show goes after these 10 episodes?
We’ve been thinking about it in the short-term and the long-term. What we want to do is keep this mystery alive but at the same time, make sure that it’s continually satisfying. We want to find things for these guys to overcome and show some shifting allegiances. We’d like to see the town a little bit more, get more of a feel for that. … There’s a lot of things we haven’t been able to do yet because we’ve had these short runs. We’re used to having a longer run of episodes to be able tell stories. We’re hoping next time around we’ll be able to do a longer run of episodes at one time so people can get a little more cozy with us.

Is there a possibility of anyone else being able to see Miranda besides the other four kids?
I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for that one. There is a shift — there’s a little dimensional shift that comes at the end of 10 that kind of answers that question, but in a way where you have no idea what the question is you just asked. There’s a dimensional reshuffling at the end of 10 that kind of re-deals the deck in terms of who’s seeing who.

Tyler Blackburn recently told us that he hopes to see more “Pretty Little Liars” crossovers for “Ravenswood.” Have you thought about that at all? We’d love to see, for example, Spencer getting her teeth into the curse.
We’ve thought about it a little. We’ve thought about it a great deal more with the Hanna cross. We’re looking for opportunities to do it, we just don’t want to do it as a gimmick. We want to do it where the story services both series, but we are seriously looking at doing more crossovers. … We’re going to do it on a case-by-case level, see who could do the best job in what story.

“Ravenswood” airs its season finale Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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