ravenswood ill sleep when im dead hospital 'Ravenswood'   'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead': Remy's 'Nightmare on Elm Street' brings murderous Abadon backOn the latest “Ravenswood,” the scares are plentiful when Remy goes “Nightmare on Elm Street” on us and the murderous preacher throws her a tea party.

The Curse

Remy checks into a sleep clinic and during the admission process, finds out she’s been dreaming about Gabriel Abadon, the murderous preacher, and his three-sided knife since she was seven years old. Um, yikes. Then when she falls asleep, she finds herself in her childhood bedroom and watches as said murderous preacher goes after her young self. After she seemingly scares him away, he grabs her from behind and Remy wakes up from the dream. Double yikes. It was quite scary, we jumped a foot when she was grabbed by Abadon.

In a later dream, Remy is confronted by a terrifying clown doll and the preacher attacks her — and then has a tea party with her. No, we’re not making a joke. It turns out he wants to question her because Abadon doesn’t know how Remy was able to witness the signing of the pact in her dreams. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Miranda break the hair jar so Miranda can cavort around town with him and investigate things, like Henry A. Armitage and his book, “Unseen Forces,” which is a history of the town. Mr. Price informs Caleb that Armitage was a kook who believed in mysticism and then he makes some disparaging remarks about ghosts as Miranda looks sad.

While Miranda is out and about, she starts to see herself as a water-logged corpse, as she relives the car crash and her death. Again — yikes.

But Miranda comes through in a big way when Remy won’t wake up from her preacher dream and Miranda dives into it and saves her. Along the way, Abadon chases them through Remy’s dream closet (again with the creepy) and then Miranda grabs him and leaps off the same cliff that returned Remy to the land of the living. Miranda is returned to her friends, but we don’t yet know what became of Abadon.

The Townsfolk

Olivia finds out from Mr. Beaumont that the reason the Springers hate her family is because her dad, as city attorney prior to becoming mayor, put Mr. Springer in jail. Zach never knew about it. Olivia also finds a recording on Zach’s cell phone confirming that he planted the knife in her yard at someone’s behest — but who?

We don’t get to find out because Zach throws a blood clot in the hospital, right after a visit from Raymond Collins. Coincidence? Not likely. But he’s not dead. Yet. He wakes up and Olivia confronts him about the knife. Zach says, “He made me do it, all of it. … Dillon.”

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • No Mrs. Grunwald this episode. Unacceptable.
  • Mr. Price is obviously a dry academic whose mind is not open to
    the possibility of other-worldly things, so he can disappear for another
    five episodes again.
  • This episode really brought the scares, huh? We jumped several times and the atmospheric touches that make it so creepy were excellent.
  • At the end, “A” breaks into the sleep clinic and exes out Remy’s eyes in her drawing from when she was seven. Just kidding. It wasn’t “A.” Probably.
  • Next week: More Dillon and his Dawson Leery hair.

Best Lines:

Caleb: “Last time you were out, you got tricked by demons into a haunted a house.”
Miranda: “Yeah, well, I’m smarter now and I’ve got a strict policy against walking through glowing doorways.”

Abandon: “Keeping track of the lambs. … It’s certainly not random. Promises
were made, debts are owed. … I’m the deal-maker, not the murderer. …
There is a debt on the books and I always collect.”

What did you think of “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”?

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