“Ravenswood” Season 1 is ending next week with “My Haunted Heart,” which promises to bring Hanna Marin back to town, plus a blind teen named Ryan Atwater whose story there is definitely more to find out about, if these sneak peek clips are any indication.

In the above clip, thank goodness Mrs. Grunwald is back. Two episodes without her is two too many. She and Collins are seemingly scheming about what to do about Dillon — “He knows what he needs to do,” says Collins, to which Grunwald replies, “He knows, but is he capable?” And just who is the dead body from whom Collins is snipping some hair? Does he take some from every corpse, to keep them trapped in the cemetery?

Below, Luke and Remy investigate the death of Ryan Atwater, a blind teen who died with four other kids during the Korean War. Remy says he can “show you the past,” so is Ryan someone who has appeared in one of Remy’s dreams? We’re quite intrigued to find out more about him.

In the third clip, Mrs. Grunwald talks to Hanna, who is quite down in the mouth about what’s going on with Caleb and his relationship with ghost Miranda. Grunwald reminds her that the veil between the spirit world and our world is thinner in Ravenswood and asks her to stay — “What you have with Caleb, that’s worth more than one afternoon, isn’t it?”

Finally, we see that Hanna has decided to stay … and take a bath in the tub that tried to drown her boyfriend (no word if it’s the same tub that trired to eat Oscar in “Ghostbusters II”). Caleb is naturally panicked that Hanna is in there. Plus, creepy spider alert. It’s probably one of the spiders from the chapel, that may or may not have crawled out of that woman’s face.

The “Ravenswood” finale is shaping up to be a lot of fun. It airs Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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