ravenswood scooby gang 'Ravenswood's' Brett Dier: 'There's a lot of action' in 'Scared to Death'“Ravenswood” is ending the first half of Season 1 Tuesday night (Nov. 19) with “Scared to Death.” Star Brett Dier teases for Zap2it that they shot at a haunted house and that he wishes he could be part of a flashback.

“The place where we’re shooting in was actually pretty spooky. It was a mansion and I
don’t think anybody lived there for a long time. … I wandered around
in the house by myself and I was really scared,” says Dier. “It kind of looks like
the ‘Addams Family,’ that mansion. We shoot in there a lot. There’s a
lot of action [there] in episode 5.”

ravenswood norman buckley mansion scared to death 'Ravenswood's' Brett Dier: 'There's a lot of action' in 'Scared to Death'Norman Buckley, who directed the episode, posted this photo (right) to Tumblr along with the caption, “Be careful where you go.” Perhaps that is a clue to what Dier is talking about?

But anyway, part of the action in episode 5 stems from the “Scooby Gang,” as Tyler Blackburn calls them, finally coming together to help Miranda.

“We’re all into this together for sure now. … Now that we can all see [Miranda], it really binds the group together and we’re all just in it togehter and trying to figure out what’s going on,” says Dier. “[Luke] has had trouble accepting it because so many things have happened in his life. He doesn’t want to accept that there’s somebody trying to kill him.”

“Scared to Death” will also travel to an earlier time, featuring the original Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins, which Dier says looked like a lot of fun.

“I want to be in the old clothing and stuff, with my hair parted to the side,” he laughs. “They never really smile in all the pictures.”

And what can he tell us about the backhalf of the season? “There’s a lot coming up,” says Dier.

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Additional reporting by Jean Bentley.
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