luke benward merritt patterson ravenswood 'Ravenswood's' Luke Benward: 'The last 2 episodes are crazy'Perhaps the most surprising character on ABC Family’s freshman drama “Ravenswood” is Dillon (Luke Benward), who seemed at first like an innocuous boyfriend to Homecoming queen Olivia (Merritt Patterson), but now turns out to be something much more nefarious.

Benward tells Zap2it that while Dillon is definitely not who he pretends to be, his feelings for Olivia are genuine.

“The character is interesting because we don’t really know how he came to what he came to, but he’s definitely not who he says he was to start out with,” says Benward. “He’s fighting for his life just like every other kid in Ravenswood … he’s right there with them and he kind of got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

“[But] I think he has real feelings for Olivia,” he continues. “In the coming episodes, hopefully it comes across that way. I try to play it where you see the hurt that Dillon’s going through in this process with everyone else. Yeah, I would say he does have real feelings for Olivia. In the end, he really is doing his best to make everyone happy, if that makes sense.”

There are only two episodes left this season, but Benward tells us that viewers are in for a wild ride.

last two episodes are crazy episodes. The table reads had many gasps.
… It’s definitely getting spookier and darker as it goes, which is
cool. [Viewers are] 100 percent in for a roller coaster,” says Benward. “I definitely have some solid, good, meaty scenes, which is exciting. You get to see me interacting with all the Ravenswood-ers.”

ravenswood luke benward 'Ravenswood's' Luke Benward: 'The last 2 episodes are crazy'We also had to ask Benward about Dillon’s relationships with Max, Springer and Tess and he says even he doesn’t know the entire story yet — but he has some hypotheses that he shared with us. However, bear in mind these are just his theories, he’s not leaking actual information about the show.

On Max: “Personally, I think that Max is like Dillon’s little sister that died or maybe like a family member that was involved with the curse that died and the devil kept her soul, or she was in my position in the past with the curse or something. But I think she’s a family member of mine.”

On Tess: “With Tess, I feel like she didn’t really find out that me and Springer had a connection until she and Springer dated or whatever that fling was. But now she knows that there’s some kind of relationship between me and Springer.”

On Springer:
“I think Springer — this is just another hypothesis, of
course — but Springer was kind of like, I almost blackmailed Springer.
I’m kind of a bully to him. He does whatever I tell him to do because
I’m higher up in the food chain or something.”

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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