tyler blackburn ravenswood my haunted heart 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn: 'Original Caleb is a prominent character' in the finale“Ravenswood” is bringing its first season to a close Tuesday (Feb. 4) with “My Haunted Heart,” which star Tyler Blackburn teases for Zap2it is an emotional roller coaster for Hanna (guest star Ashley Benson).

“[Hanna] is there to confront Miranda because [Caleb] was not very forthcoming with the
actual truth when he broke up with her in Rosewood,” says Blackburn. “She’s a tough
cookie and she’s like, “I’m just gonna go there and find out what’s
going on.’ It puts Caleb in a position where he has to tell her the
truth and that’s not what she expected to hear, for sure.

“He tells her a lot about the situation and she’s just trying to process it,” he continues, “and then it hits her and she’s actually very saddened by it because she liked [Miranda]. She did like her when they met in Ravenswood in the Halloween episode. Then she realizes that Caleb was also in that car and it becomes a serious situation. It goes beyond her expectations, which were that Miranda just stole Caleb from her.”

ashley benson ravenswood tyler blackburn my haunted heart 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn: 'Original Caleb is a prominent character' in the finaleIt’s hard not to wonder how Caleb gets Hanna to leave Ravenswood because the Hanna Marin we know would want to stay and try to help fight whatever it was she could fight. But Blackburn says that Caleb isn’t 100 percent honest with Hanna.

doesn’t tell her every single detail about what’s going on because he does
still want to protect her, so she really just leaves on the note that he
has to stay there to kind of mend what’s been broken after Miranda’s
death,” says Blackburn. “He answers it for her, but it’s still vague enough to where she
realizes that he has to stay. She decides that it’s the best thing for
him to stay, for at least a while. It’s not easy for her to do that, but
he kind of pushes her to leave. He knows that she’s in danger there and
doesn’t want her to be there because of that.”
In addition to Hanna coming back to Ravenswood, a couple other characters will be popping up in the finale — the spider-face woman and original Caleb. Blackburn tells us that the spider woman is “absolutely” connect to the names on the floor of the chapel, but her identity may not be what viewers were expecting.

“It’s revealed who she is and it’s kind of surprising. It’s not what you would expect, probably,” says Blackburn, who also confirms “no flashbacks” this episode, but “original Caleb is a prominent character.”

Original Caleb but no flashbacks? Intriguing.

Blackburn also says that the names on the floor of the chapel are not explicitly explored in the finale. That’s something for a (possible) next season.

“I think that’s going to kind of be the next chapter for these teens, to try to figure out how all the names changed,” says Blackburn. “As you saw, Dillon Sanders and Caleb Rivers are the only ones that were still under the curse, so it sets it up for [the teens] to try to figure out where are those other names and why are they now marked? I think that’s going to be for future episodes.”

tyler blackburn my haunted heart ravenswood 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn: 'Original Caleb is a prominent character' in the finaleFinally, we wondered if Blackburn has a wishlist for Caleb in terms of what he’d like to see or characters he’d like to interact with more. He says he wants more “Pretty Little Liars” crossovers for “Ravenswood.”

“I mean, I know the girls over in Rosewood have a lot going on, but I think it’d be really cool if more PLLs made an appearance,” says Blackburn. “I think it’d be interesting for him to be put in the position where he has to protect them.

“He’s dealing with a lot in Ravenswood with helping out his friends and stuff, but when Hanna came to Ravenswood, it really upped the ante, so I think it’d be really interesting if, like, Emily came over with Hanna or something like that. The PLLs having some action in Ravenswood, dealing with the supernatural aspect, I think that’d be really cool.”

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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