ray j kim kardashian north west gi Ray J sends Kim Kardashian love, is a 'big fan' of Kanye West“I Hit It First” singer Ray J says he’s not scared of Kanye West after creating controversy with his single that basically called out the fact he was with Kanye’s baby mama Kim Kardashian … well … first — as the whole world already knows, thanks to a certain sex tape.

During an appearance on “Access Hollywood Live” to promote the “Bad Girls All Star Battle” finale, Ray J was asked if he is scared of Kanye. “No … Big fan, big fan, big  fan,” he answers.

Then he’s pushed a little further on the topic and asked if he thinks Kim and Kanye’s relationship will last. Ray J answers diplomatically, “I really don’t pay attention to it. I try and keep it respectable from that end, but … big fan.”

When Ray J is asked why he stirred the pot with “I Hit It First,” he gives a refreshingly honest response. “It was two weeks before the ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ show was coming,” he says. “We wanted to kind of hit ’em with something that would make a lot of people talk. I recorded the song like eight months beforehand, so it was just the perfect timing for it.”

As for Kim’s newest role as North West‘s mother, Ray J says “I have nothing but love and congratulations to everybody.”

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