ray romano getty Ray Romano joins 'Parenthood' for Season 4 to complicate things with Sarah and MarkFor today’s dose of news-that-sounds-like-a-joke-but-isn’t, NBC has announced that “Men of a Certain Age” star Ray Romano is taking a dramatic turn with a recurring role in “Parenthood‘s” fourth season.

Romano, who will first appear in the season premiere episode, will play a photographer.

According to NBC, the former photojournalist will befriend Sarah (Lauren Graham) and will further complicate her relationship with Mark (Jason Ritter), who proposed to her in the Season 3 finale.

Though Mark and Sarah have hit a few bumps in the road — mostly due to their considerable age difference — Ritter is an invaluable part of the show, and we doubt he’s going anywhere any time soon… even if Romano is a little closer to Sarah’s age. (A little.)

It may be true that “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but we’re a little wary of newcomers when it comes to our happy little Braverman bubble. Still, we trust Jason Katims — so we’re looking forward to seeing how this all plays out when the series returns on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie