Lloyd-no-pants-MTV.jpgZap2it caught up with R&B crooner Lloyd to chat about everything from his upcoming album “King of Hearts,” to leaving it all on stage (often times, including his clothes) and even his childhood ambitions. We gotta give it to the guy for honesty, and we can’t imagine that
seeing a live performance would be anything less than absolutely

We’re sure Lloyd wouldn’t trade his current gig for the world, but growing up, he didn’t always want to be a performer. As a kid, he actually wanted to be a pilot — saying, “They got a
whole plane full of girls, you know, stewardesses…I used to think
pilots were pimps… that’s an incorrect assumption.”

While he may not be flying the planes nowadays, he certainly gets to travel his fair share.

Fresh off a European tour, the crooner hit London and Amsterdam earlier this year to drum up excitement for his latest project. He tells us he even dabbled in some of the local fare, calling Amsterdam coffee shops “The eighth wonder of the world.”

“I got a little too loaded before my show,” he admits of that special herb which makes the city famous. “It was interesting. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.”

One pre-show ritual he will continue stick by, is “Tequila, Tequila, Tequila.”

“The thing I found that makes the best shows is when you’re not timid, you know you’re just kinda loose,” he says. “I usually take a shot before I perform just to loosen up. By being loose it allows you to be at ease, and anytime that it feels effortless, that’s when it’s the best.”

Adding that the old adage — you know, the one about tequila and clothes — is apparently true.

“Obviously, the least amount of clothes that can be worn possible is usually a good thing. Girls like that,” the self proclaimed naturalist explains. “Anytime I can be in an environment where I don’t have to wear clothes, I’m very happy.”

So what’s the most he’s bared on stage?

“If you read about me being arrested in New York City, then you know what’s up. I went balls out,” he tells us.

So for all you ladies hoping to sneak a peek at the serenader, you may be in luck. Lloyd will be joining Trey Songz on their Love Faces Tour, hitting New York City, DC, Chicago and Detroit on Feb. 11-15. No word on whether Trey also intends to strip down for the shows, though.

While Lloyd had hopes of debuting his latest album on Valentine’s day, the release date has been pushed back; But he’ll still have a romantic little treat for his fans on that special day.

“I’m releasing a song in the middle of the tour called ‘Cupid,'” he spills. “Which should come out for Valentine’s day.”

As for his album being pushed back, Lloyd wants to reassure his fans that all’s well in the recording process.

“I think we just felt like we could give it a little more time, shoot some more videos, release some more music and just keep the fans engaged until we figure it out,” he tells us. “Obviously we want people to know there’s no problems, we’re very happy with the music that we’ve made… It’s just been pushed back due to a prolonged recording process. Just time, which is something we can afford at this point. So that’s a good thing.”

In the meantime, check out his latest single, “Let’s Get It In” featuring 50 Cent.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci