44840376 Christian Bale's unreal apology on Huffington Post OK, I’m not making excuses for his behavior.

But I really do think that Christian Bale‘s sincere letter of apology — for his insane rant about DP Shane Hurlbut on the set of "Terminator: Salvation" — on Huffington Post is very heartfelt.

Click here to hear the audio of the actor’s foul-mouthed snit fit. (Warning: explicit language!)

Here are a few snippets of it below, with all the you-know-whats removed.

If you want to read the full piece, click here to go to HuffPo. Or go to videogum.com where it was originally (and brilliantly) written. But be warned. Unedited for taste, it reads more like his original rant.

To Shane Hurlbut, and to my fans,

I’m so —— sorry that I lost control on the —- set of "Terminator Salvation." It was so —– inappropriate. I could try and make some kind of excuse, about the stress of carrying the success of a major franchise on your shoulders, or the mental intensity of an actor in the middle of an emotionally powerful scene, but I won’t patronize you. We both know that I could do this ——- job with my ——- eyes ——– closed. And this is a —-Terminator movie. There are no emotionally powerful scenes.

I know that these revelations have ——– shocked many of my fans, and I’m so ——- sorry. I want to kick my own ——– —. NO! NO! DON’T SHUT ME UP. Da de da de da, what don’t you ——–understand? You got any ——- idea about how —–sorry I —- am?

What? You mean Christian Bale didn’t write this? It’s a FAKE?

Wow. Sure sounds like him. Coulda fooled me.

How about you?

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