Bethenny Frankel is not, we repeat NOT overly airbrushed in her PETA nude photo, as some haters have been saying.
And to prove it, the now-preggers “Real Housewives of New York” star has released the un-retouched version of of her nude ad that is on a billboard in Times Square. 
“Everything I’m about is being honest and being upfront,” Frankel says.
“So if people are talking and saying [the photo] was airbrushed…then,
you know what? Here’s the picture. Have it your way.”


She was proud to strip for PETA but she insists that she would “never, ever allow them to put up a billboard that was really far from the truth.”
The Dish Rag wishes more stars would exercise that much control over their images. 
It might make women everywhere feel a lot better about themselves.
Photo Credit: PETA

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead