Even one of the Real Housewives of New York City has been hit by the recession.

Alex McCord, who worked in virtual merchandising for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret, lost her job when the company cut its home-office work force by 10 percent in February, reports Life & Style.

“It was definitely a very big surprise,” reveals McCord. “My own immediate supervisor didn’t even know it was happening.”

On Housewives, McCord, 35, and her husband Simon van Kempen, 44, enjoy living the fabulous life in New York with their two sons. The couple earned themselves the nickname Silex since they’re practically joined at the hip — sharing spa days together, shopping together and even attending a girls’ night party together.

Their sons also take art, music and French classes and are on their way to being bilingual since the couple hired a nanny who speaks French.

McCord has yet to collect unemployment, but for now the family is relying on van Kempen’s income as a general manager for Hotel Chandler.

“If I’m not able to replace my income by the time my severance runs out, discretionary expenses and our nanny are where we’d have to cut back,” says McCord.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to be part of the Bravo reality show and try to find a job.

“It’s really interesting to see where to go from here,” she says. “I’ve been making calls, updating my résumé, and sitting down with people and chatting. I’m exploring all of my options.”

Will there be tough times ahead for Silex? Do you think McCord’s fame will help her get another job?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen