In Monday’s Oct. 25 episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we had a front row seat for two very scary events.
First, NeNe Leakes visited the plastic surgeon and every minute she sat on his table, she kept adding procedures: A breast reduction, a breast lift, a little lipo on the tummy and then the big one, the much ballyhooed nose job. We have to say it: The end result doesn’t look half bad. We also have to say that we could have used less of the bleeding, post-op Frankenstein-stitched 

real housewives atlanta phaedras baby shower 3 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Half baked boughetto

nose. But, NeNe under anesthesia? She was like a very funny mentally challenged child. Did that make it worth having to look at her nose hanging on for dear life? Almost.
Then, we were served up another spectacle: Phaedra Parks’ baby shower, dear Lord. She said it right – with the hats, gloves, male ushers, ballet dancers and a Duh-wight dance number – it was very “southern and over the top.” Those of us who aren’t southern will just have to take Phaedra’s word for it. 
We have to say that nothing could have peeled us away from the television at that point, because we were not going to miss whatever came up next. We were pretty sure doves were going to fly out of Phaedra’s hair at some point. And we have to agree with new castmember Cynthia Bailey – the flowers in Phaedra’s hair weren’t working for us either.

So, Zappers, which was more painful to watch? NeNe’s post-op nose or Phaedra’s baby shower?

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Photo credit: Bravo

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