real housewives atlanta nene leakes plastic surgery 'Real Housewives ATL's' NeNe Leakes: I sure did get plastic surgery, honey

Is it awful that with all her issues with her husband Greg, her gay husband Dwight and her wayward son, Bryson that we (and we know the fans have too. Be honest!) have been surveying “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes’ new, um, visage.
We reported back in May that it appeared NeNe had a nose job, but she admits in Friday’s (Oct. 22) issue of People magazine that she had a few other “tune up” procedures saying she “wanted to look like the Black woman I am, only a better version.”

]]>NeNe 2.0 includes a nose job to narrow her nostrils, liposuction, a breast reduction from “Double Delicious” to a single “Divine.” Plus, she had the twins lifted, so now they’re closer to God (as they say in the South).

She also dropped 15 pounds from her previous Size 10 to a curvaceous Size 8. NeNe’s first visit to the plastic surgeon will apparently air on Monday’s Oct. 25 episode on Bravo.
How do you like NeNe 2.0?

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