real housewives atlanta phaedra parks 2a 'Real Housewives ATL's' Phaedra Parks on Dwight: 'He can spend lots of money, honey'

Attorney and new castmember, Phaedra Parks, made quite the entrance on the Season 3 premiere of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” 
Aligning herself with Dwight Eubanks as he was accusing NeNe Leakes’ husband of stiffing him on $10,000 and claiming that Sheree Whitfield owed him $30,000 for last year’s fashion show has caused many to wonder about his credibility and where Phaedra stands on it.
Phaedra says that while Dwight is her friend and client, she knows better than to just take anyone’s story at face value. “I even tell my clients that there are two sides to a story and then there’s the truth,” Phaedra tells Zap2it.
The new housewife says that whether or not it’s shown on TV, she has had conversations with both NeNe and Sheree about Dwight’s claims. Parks was unsure if or how Bravo will tell the story, so she didn’t disclose how those conversations played out. She did offer some insight on Dwight, though.
“I didn’t go to the fashion show and I know Dwight,” she says. “When he gets involved in anything, he’s very elaborate and he goes full throttle. He can spend lots of money, honey. He worked on my wedding and my baby shower, so Dwight can spend some money. Whether it be the person giving it or his own. He doesn’t have cheap tastes. He wants the best of everything.”

real housewives phaedra park dwight eubanks 'Real Housewives ATL's' Phaedra Parks on Dwight: 'He can spend lots of money, honey'

Phaedra also comes off as having something against NeNe, who also grew up in the college town of Athens, but she says that couldn’t be further from the truth.
“All the good things you say about people,” she says. “TV doesn’t always show that. It’s not their job to be responsible sometimes and to show things in the proper lighting, let’s say.”
So, how does Phaedra feel about the veteran Atlanta housewife? “It looks like the story is evolving to show some bad blood between NeNe and I,” Phaedra says. “Which I don’t have any bad blood with NeNe.”
She continues, “I’m the antithesis of NeNe. We’re two totally different people. What you didn’t see is when I said I know NeNe. She’s a good girl. She’s got a lot of hustle about her.”
Regardless of how she was edited, Phaedra says she stands by what she says. “If I said it, I said it,” she says. “I don’t think saying somebody is not very ladylike is an insult. That’s the truth. Some women are just different types of women. It makes the world go around.” 

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