Bethennyfrankel Got nothing against Gwyneth Paltrow and her cooking specials with Mario Batali, but God bless the loose lips of “Real Housewives”‘ Bethenny Frankel. The girl speaks the truth as she sees it, and though she rarely ever comes off as mean-spirited, she told the New York Daily News a couple things this weekend that could be construed as such.

“I’d rather staple my eyelids shut than watch Gwyneth cook,” the healthy-foods chef said at the launch party for her bottled Skinnygirl Margarita beverage on Saturday. “Gwyneth is afraid to [reveal] who she really is. She’s so manhandled by publicists and managers. Her show would be way too boring to watch.”

Bethenny, on the other hand, we always know where she stands. And when she gets her own cooking series, we’ll definitely tune in. Probably more so to see what comes out of her mouth rather than what’s going in it.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh