We’re still getting to know “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but the premiere has generally met with good reviews. New Bravo-lebrities restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump, dancer Camille Grammer and actress Kyle Richards were really pleased about the reception they’ve been getting when Zap2it met up with them at the KTLA News Morning Show.
“It’s been very positive absolutely,” Lisa tells us.
Then Kyle adds, “Which is great, because after all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the show, it’s good to have some good reviews coming back our way.”
From the season previews, it’s clear Kyle would know something about blood, sweat and tears. Her older sister, a former “Disney Girl” Kim Richards, is also on the show and, at times, it seems she’s Kyle’s biggest combatant.

“We clash and that was very challenging on the show,” she says. “It was difficult. It was very emotional and you get upset and worked up and you’re wishing the cameras aren’t there. You wish you didn’t say or do certain things, because you can’t take it back.”
Kyle also says, “It’s not scripted. People think that it’s scripted or they guide us. Anything we got ourselves into, we got on our own.”

Camille also suffered through some family drama as her marriage to “Frasier” star, Kelsey Grammer, dissolved during the course of shooting. She says the show definitely taught her some lessons. 
“I went through a lot,” Camille says. “I’m learning not to air so much of my personal life on-air. I felt like I was editing a bit. But then toward the end, it is what it is.”
Lisa, on the other hand, enters the series with a huge mansion, but just herself, her husband and their dogs to fill the empty nest.
“I don’t think you’re every prepared for it,” she says after we ask her about how she manages now that her kids have moved out. “It’s just kind of that backpack is in the hall for years… And the day that backpack’s not there, it’s like, ‘I miss that backpack.”
She does manage to do the empty nest thing pretty fabulously, “You just got to keep yourself busy,” she advises. “Whether it’s philanthropy, it’s business. You just have to put your energy into something.”
If you missed Lisa and Kyle at KTLA, watch their interview below:

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Video credit: Michael Davis, Zap2it; KTLA

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