real housewives finale bravo salahis 'Real Housewives DC' finale: No shame in the Salahi name

How did you like Bravo’s “Law & Order-themed” ripped from the headlines finale of “The Real Housewives of D.C.”?
If you checked in with our live chat earlier, then you would know that the episode served enough material for lots-o-snark. What it didn’t serve up was what Michaele and Tareq Salahi kept promising would be their vindication for being accused of crashing President Obama’s first state dinner.
Let’s examine the evidence.
1.) In the last episode, we saw that Michaele couldn’t produce the “beautiful” invitation to the event.
2.) A very nervous Tareq and Michaele on the limo ride to the party.
3.) The person at first the check point couldn’t find either of their names on the invite list no matter how much Tareq’s sweaty palms clung to their passports. They were asked to stand to the side. Instead, the couple walked off into the distance…
4.) During the committee hearing, the two pleaded the fifth on every question, even ones they obviously could answer like, “Are you here right now?” Or, maybe that wouldn’t be easy for them to answer…
Later on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Tareq said the fact that they were announced by name during the event proves they were invited. Hm. So, why couldn’t anyone from The White House confirm their inclusion on the event’s guest list?
In an aside, the other housewives should be glad to have the reunion special. The Salahis wouldn’t even talk to them about the incident, so there was no opportunity for real story there. Additionally, it wasn’t your typical “Real Housewives” finale in that no one else had any resolution for their storylines. Instead, we were forced to watch the housewives watching the Salahis on TV. That may be an interesting discussion in a class studying media theory, but it didn’t exactly make for entertaining TV. The most we got from the other housewives was the stress the incident placed on Cat Ommanney’s marriage. Newsflash – we don’t believe the Salahis broke up Cat’s marriage. We have been sensing distance between the two – literally and figuratively – all season.
So, what say you? Did the Salahis get the vindication they promised? Should the D.C. housewives get another crack at getting this right with a Season 2? And if so, who would you welcome back?

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