'Real Housewives DC': Lynda Erkiletian sicks her attorney on the media

It’s pretty clear that being on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” can definitely help one’s career. 
Housewives have published books, performed speaking engagements, made product endorsements and, of course, there’s always the free advertising for your already established business. 
But, what if you believe the audience got the wrong impression of your business?
That’s what “The Real Housewives of DC’s” Lynda Erkiletian seems to be dealing with now. And according to the New York Post, her attorney is handing out cease and desist letters to media to rectify the situation.
In speaking about her modeling and talent agency, THE, Lynda boasted about its political connections saying on the show, “We cater to ambassadors and dignitaries.”
That wasn’t lost on the media, who began joking that her agency provided escorts to the Washington elite. In response, Lynda’s attorney issued cease and desist letters like the one below sent to the DBKP blog stating:


I am an official representative of Lynda Erkiletian, owner of THE Artist Agency in Washington, DC. Your blog headline implying that my client operates an [DELETED] is false and defamatory. We demand that you remove this posting immediately. If this is not removed within 24 hours we will pursue our legal options.
The letters seemed to be effective, since DBKP, the Comedy Central website and other bloggers either edited their posts or pulled them down. Yet, Gawker kept their post as is.
In response to the media, Lynda wrote on her Bravo blog, “OK everyone, calm down, and shame on YOU! Embassies host cultural and philanthropic events that often include an element of fashion, which is how we ‘cater to ambassadors and diplomats.'”
Wow, Lynda! Sense of humor much?

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