Midway through the season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.” Cat Ommanney felt she had been portrayed as the villain. As the season progressed, Cat says she has changed her mind on that and feels viewers have too. 
Her castmates, though, seem to still have issues with the outspoken Brit. In Part 1 of the reunion special airing on Thursday, Oct. 14, they get their chance to call Cat out.
“There’s no table-flipping and no hair pulling but there’s certainly some very heated discussions and a lot of just Salahi antics,” Cat tells Zap2it. “I think it’s going to be great viewing, because obviously there’s no major editing going on and its real.”
During the season, Stacie Turner accused Cat of feeling awkward around African-Americans. Some viewers translated that into Cat being racist, which she was very upset by.
“I can be bossy,” she says. “I can be all kinds of things, but being a racist is something I wouldn’t wish upon being made out to be one or wish upon anyone.”
In the end, she believes the tables were turned on Stacie. “I think the shoe’s on the other foot,” Cat says. “I didn’t talk about color once in the show because I don’t think about color. I don’t see color. I despise racism.”
She then makes a good point. “Stacie and her husband said, ‘We’re going to take that White couple to Paris,’ and White this and that. Imagine If I were to say, ‘We are going to take those two Black people somewhere.'”
Also in the reunion, castmate Michaele Salahi accuses Cat of being hateful, especially when it came to her.
“Michaele has caused, in the very short period of time I’ve known her, so much pain and anxiety, so many people’s lives directly affected like mine,” Cat points out. “It’s nothing to do with hate. It’s just the total lack of respect for her having no respect for anybody else.”
She adds, “I couldn’t be bothered hating her to be quite frank. I pity all the people who have been affected by her and her husband’s antics.”
Watch the preview clips in question below:

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Photo / Video credit: Bravo

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