real-housewives-danielle-staub-kevin-maher-polygraph-2.jpgThe Real Housewives of New Jersey’sDanielle Staub returns in Season 2 of the Bravo reality series on May 3, shortly before the release of her autobiography, “The Naked Truth,” on May 25. But ex-husband Kevin Maher says he has had enough of her lies about him and wants to set the record straight now by challenging Staub to take a lie detector test.

“She went through the first season of the television show just lying with impunity,” Maher tells Zap2it exclusively. “Now, she’s going to be caught. I’m not going to spare any expense to bring this woman to justice.”

]]>The drama around “Cop Without a Badge” escalated as Danielle accused the other housewives of spreading news of the book around town and incited the notorious “prostitution whore” table flipping incident by fellow housewife Teresa Giudice in the series finale. uncovered the court documents confirming that Staub, under the name Beverly Ann Merrill, was charged with eight felonies, including extortion, cocaine possession and narcotics conspiracy. After making a plea deal, Staub was given five years probation and ordered to participate in a drug treatment program. However, Staub maintained she was at the wrong place at the wrong time in an interview with People Magazine in June 2009. “Was I aware of everything that was going on around me,” Staub told People. “No, not everything. Was I aware of the gravity of all of it? Absolutely not.” In October of last year, Maher filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Staub charging her with defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Maher says he’s suing for injuries and damages totaling $5 million. The lawsuit centers primarily on statements about Maher that Staub allegedly revealed to People magazine last June. Maher states that when People writer Mark Dagostino approached him for a comment he detailed specific claims by Staub against him. They now form the basis of his lawsuit. According to Maher, Staub told People that during their brief marriage he:

  • raped her “on a bed of broken glass”
  • “inserted his handgun inside” her and “played Russian Roulette”
  • killed her “dog by way of hanging”

As part of his reply to People’s request for comment, Maher challenged Staub to a lie detector test. And, on March 22 and against his attorney’s advice, Maher took a polygraph test himself. Zap2it has acquired the documents and we have confirmed the results with Joe Delia, the polygraph examiner who conducted the test. Delia is an accredited member of the American Polygraph Association and he concluded that there was “no deception indicated.” “I feel vindicated now,” Maher says. “I would love to challenge her to take a polygraph test on the same questions and see how she does.” He adds: “If she hooks up to a polygraph by an accredited polygraph examiner, I will do the same. If she gets proven to tell the truth and I get proven to be a liar, I’ll walk away a rapist and a dog-killer and I will dismiss my five million dollar lawsuit against her.” In California, polygraph tests are admissible in civil court at the judge’s discretion. According to Maher, Staub’s attorneys are fighting to depose her for his case before her book is released. But, Maher says he doesn’t want Staub deposed until after the book is released or after he gets an advance copy. Maher says he has compiled a list of more than 100 lies Staub has told to the media, said on the Bravo show and in conversations with others. Maher is certain her book will add more lies and he wants to depose her on those, as well. “Once you’re labeled a rapist and a dog-killer, what’s next? A pedophile?” Maher says. “That’s the category that she put me in by these outrageous lies. She told different variations of how I raped her to her cast mates, who will all be deposed. None of her stories made sense and that’s all going to come out.” Maher’s attorney, Thomas E. Rockett III, sent “Naked Truth” publisher Simon and Schuster a letter indicating that if there are any falsehoods about Maher in Staub’s autobiography, they will pursue legal action against them as well. Zap2it contacted the publisher who confirmed they’re going forward on the May 25 release date. When we asked them if they actually verified any statements Staub wrote about Maher with him, they declined to comment. A source close to the cast has confirmed to Zap2it that the housewives’ depositions are currently scheduled to begin on May 14. Maher says his attorney is subpoenaing Bravo for all the footage shot for the reality show, and he wants to depose the writer of the People article. Zap2it contacted Kim Schuman, the attorney representing Staub in Maher’s lawsuit, but did not receive a reply. Additionally, a representative for Staub, Mark Turner, told Zap2it that she has no comment at this time. Maher, currently a private investigator, was married to Staub when she was known as Beverly Ann Merrill in 1989. They divorced a year later. Since then, Maher said, he hadn’t spoken to Staub in close to two decades, then he saw her and the book based on his life as a confidential informant on TV. real housewives kevin maher family 'Real Housewives NJ': Danielle Staub's ex husband has passed a lie detector, will she?“Can you imagine?” Maher asks. “I just got married. I started my new life after being away from that woman for twenty years. Never thought of that woman again. She was like my nightmare I put to bed.” He goes on to say, “All of a sudden, I turn my TV on and there’s this woman, now by the name of Danielle Staub, saying all the things that I wrote about her were a lie. By the way, all the things I wrote about her were the truth and I went easy on her, because I knew she had a new family. I didn’t want to hurt her.” Maher says that Staub’s statements have not only affected his family, but his private investigation business as well, since so many of his clients are women and they don’t k now what to make of Staub’s allegations against him. “She’s a very good liar,” Maher says. “She gets up there. She’s well spoken. She’s articulate and she has the whole nation fooled.” Do you think Danielle Staub should accept Kevin Maher’s polygraph challenge? Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter, @TheRealJethro on Twitter, and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. Related: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ sneak peek: There’s Danielle drama (go figure)
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‘Real Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel’s wedding photos: Oh, baby! Top photo: Kevin Maher and Danielle Staub. Credits: Kevin Maher, Bravo Middle photo: New Jersey housewife, Teresa Guidice, holds up Maher’s book, “Cop Without a Badge,” which he co-wrote with Charles Kipps. Credit: Bravo Bottom photo: Kevin Maher and his family, from left, Maher’s wife, Maribel, his step-daughter, Salma, and his ten-month-old daughter, Kaley. Credit: Kevin Maher    

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