real housewives new jersey finale 2 320 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' finale: Who's the villain, again?

Oh, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” how we will miss the crazy you bring every week. There was certainly enough to go around. But in Season 1, it was always clear who the bad guy was. Danielle Staub, of course.
In the Season 2 finale, it was also pretty clear. Mama Manzo versus Danielle in the cage match of the season. Two women with lots of reason to feel bitter toward each other. After all, Caroline Manzo may or may not have been the person who spread the news of Danielle’s crooked past around town in the first place. And Danielle has made life horrific for Caroline’s family and friends and, well, you know: If you mess with Caroline’s family – you can finish that sentence in your sleep.
We definitely thought Caroline came out of that confrontation the winner. Most of the time, she dealt with a blank-faced Danielle. The housewife didn’t seem quite prepared to match wits with Caroline, right? Danielle ended up leaving after Caroline called her garbage again. We’re sure she has heard worse. Just sayin’.
This season, though, things got a bit murky as to who was the “bad guy.” And that’s OK to an extent. After all, in life we’re not always good or bad, either. In TV, though, it can get confusing.
Sure, we know Danielle is still the one to keep an eye on. But, then you had Kim Granatell and her apparent muckraking. Not to mention, we had Jacqueline Laurita’s bratty daughter, Ashley, who made it very hard for her mother to act morally superior to Danielle. And we had Teresa Giudice’s reversal of fortune, which made it difficult for viewers to trust her, since the proof of her financial distress contradicted almost everything she said and the way she acted. And then there’s Dina Manzo, who may have made the right choice for herself by leaving, but didn’t she kind of leave the rest of the family to clean up the mess?
What’d you think about the Caroline vs. Danielle match? Have your opinions changed this season regarding the other members of the cast? Sound off below!

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