In Monday’s (June 7) episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Dina Manzo is finally going to ask Danielle Staub for closure on their relationship. They agreed to meet each other at a trendy local bar called Chakra.

From the preview clip above, we can see that Danielle has called in some back up, which, according to Dina, left her in a very vulnerable position.

“Oh, my God. I was mortified,” Dina tells Zap2it. “There’s a point when I was sitting at that bar with her and I glanced up for a second. Now, mind you I didn’t know who this Danny character looked like, but I heard that she was hanging around with him. But, I glanced up and I did see a bar full of thugs.”

She says that raised a red flag, since it’s not the typical crowd that hangs out at the establishment.

“I just thought it was an awkward place for these [people], who typically wouldn’t hang out at Chakra,” she explains. “Chakra is kind of more like a girl’s kind of scene and a pick up kind of scene, but it wasn’t the crew that would normally be there. So, it struck me funny for a second. And it kind of dawned on me and I said, ‘oh my God. I came here all by myself and she didn’t.'”

You’re probably thinking that Dina couldn’t be in that much danger if the Bravo camera crew was there, but she says they weren’t always around.

“There’s a point where the cameras leave and I get into my car by myself. And I just felt I was in danger at that point,” the housewife explains. “On the way there, I said I wasn’t afraid of Danielle, but on the way home I was concerned about my safety at this point, because I truly went there by myself. The camera crews put a camera in my car and I drove there on my own and I left on my own. And, who’s to say these guys won’t follow me.”

After all that, we wondered if she got the closure with Danielle that she was looking for.

“No. I actually felt more frustration and you’ll see why after you watch it,” she says.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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Photo/Video credit: Bravo

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