Is anyone else starting to feel sorry for “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’sTeresa Giudice? Judging from the general comments on our posts about Teresa’s financial woes, the answer is probably “no.”
We’d like to say things are getting better for the Bravo housewife, but they aren’t. Last week, Teresa’s commercial for a local sun tanning business surfaced. In it, she couldn’t look anymore uncomfortable in her bikini and very poorly written lines. Regardless, we have to give her kudos for generating some apparently badly needed income.
Then, on Monday’s (August 2) episode of “The View,” she was forced to account for her reported 11-million dollar debt and bankruptcy filing

]]>She said her husband, Joe, kept her in the dark about the severity of their financial situation. Being the traditional Italian wife she claims to be, we can actually see that happening. Finances tend to be the man’s domain in “traditional” homes. 

But, we can’t help, but be alarmed by the many excuses the housewife makes for their bankruptcy now that she has been totally uploaded, especially when the court papers are publicly available.
On why they claimed bankruptcy: Teresa says they owned four apartment buildings and their tenants were hit hard by the economic slowdown. Without the rent, she says, they couldn’t pay their mortgage on the buildings.
On her excessive spendingJoy Behar called the housewife out on her statement that she lived within her means. Of course, she argued that the 11-million dollar number isn’t true, but still, we know how much income the couple made and there’s no way Teresa’s spending habits stayed within her and Joe’s roughly $7,000 combined income plus $10,000 a month in aid from family.
“I’ve always [lived within my means],” Teresa said on the show. “Because the money was coming in from the apartment buildings, so we were able to live the lifestyle that we’ve lived.”
She goes on to say, “Everyone thinks I live this excessive lifestyle. It’s not like I’m jet setting from place to place. I don’t have gold toilets.” 
Gold toilets? No. Floor to ceiling marble? Yes.
Watch Teresa face the firing squad on “The View” below:
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Don’t you think it’s time Teresa stopped making excuses? The gig is up, right?

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