Before “The Real Housewives of New York’sAlex McCord and husband Simon van Kempen’s parenting book, “Little Kids, Big City” was released last week, the New York Daily News reported that Alex revealed in the book that she drank alcohol while pregnant.

The couple tells The Dish Rag the report was true, but it was taken way out of context.

“They cherry picked half a sentence out of a paragraph,” says McCord.

“The book started as just a collection of stories that I wrote, so the boys can have and we could look back on when they’re in their twenties and thirties,” explains McCord. Even before that report, viewers and their fellow castmates have questioned their qualifications for writing a book about raising children. After all, their kids aren’t necessarily angels on the show. The Bravo stars say that’s all in the editing. “What you saw on the show were those few moments of the boys acting up,” explains van Kempen. “Because that’s what makes dramatic TV.” That explains why the audience may think their children are misbehaved, but what about all the jabs from their cast mates? Simon answers the question with a question. “Is this by a Countess who goes on about class and we see her behavior? Or is this from the person who is giving advice on relationships?” van Kempen asks. “Is this the right person who should be giving advice given what we’re seeing now? So, who’s going to criticize who?” How do you feel about the criticism Alex and Simon have received on their parenting skills? Follow Zap2it and TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.
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