real housewives atlanta finale cynthia bailey wedding bravo 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' finale: Cynthia's wedding keeps you (and her) guessing

We have to admit that we didn’t properly prepare ourselves for the doom and gloom that was to be the first hour of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” finale. And then the last half hour was so touch-and-go when it came to Cynthia Bailey’s wedding, we realized that we should have done like Kim Zolciak and visited a bar beforehand.
The Atlanta gals have always put the “real” in “Real Housewives,” but this season they were so unsettled in their own lives that it caused this season to feel manic. And as the finale ended, we can’t say anything was really resolved.

real housewives phaedra kim sheree wedding bravo 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' finale: Cynthia's wedding keeps you (and her) guessing

Kim: After all that Big Poppa nonsense and then the lesbian fling, we didn’t think there was anything Kim could keep to herself. 
So, what a surprise that she waited until Cynthia’s wedding to finally come clean on her relationship with football player, Kroy Biermann. We guess she’s learned something. She does have a nursing degree, after all. And now she’s expecting a baby and they’re still together, so let’s hope for her sake that that part of her life settles.
On the flip side, it looks like her relationship with Kandi Burruss isn’t in a good place. We don’t understand why Kim feels she’s special and that she doesn’t have to pay what a normal artist would for a written and produced song. How does she think Kandi makes money?
Kandi: After losing her fianc� last season, we’re thrilled to see how well Kandi is doing, but it’s obvious she’s a bit stuck when it comes to relationships. Maybe, she’s really not over his death? And you know what? That’s okay, too.
But instead of romance, she admits to throwing herself into her work and clearly she’s trying to get her singing career back. We’ve been pretty clear that we’re not fans of Kandi’s music. She makes some bomb tracks for other people, but her personal material just doesn’t register with us. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for it, though. We do think she makes magic for other people. Um, Kim? And, obviously Lawrence turned it out on that “Closet Freak” single. But, will Kandi be okay if her singing career never quite takes off?

real housewives finale sheree nene leakes kandi bravo 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' finale: Cynthia's wedding keeps you (and her) guessing

Sheree: Miss Sheree Whitfield has been a lost ship this season with no sign of getting back to port. What we like about Sheree is that she truly believes every word she says and every step she takes is right. That kind of confidence is hard to find.
But, last season it was fashion. This season, it’s acting. We’re happy she ended up getting that movie, but did you see her competition in the waiting room? 
Plus, that casting team was boughetto and made all that drama for the camera only to cast her in the end. We don’t know what she’ll be into next, but mostly we think she’s best spending money and needs to find that man with the seven figures Phaedra Parks was talking about.
Phaedra: Oh, girl with the problem telling the full truth. She’s a big fish in a small pond and clearly she’s not as classy as she believes she is. On the bright side, she likes her career, she loves her man and somehow that baby brought her authenticity out. Plus, girl can rock a business suit. So, who are we to judge if she sees the world through glittery eye shadow?
NeNe: We’re always shocked that people are so angry with NeNe Leakes this season. She makes this show. Yes, she’s loud. Yes, she’s liable to strangle a fool. Underneath it all, she’s dealing with a son with no realistic goals, a husband who has plain deceived her on more occasions than we believe the cameras have captured and now she has to figure out how to make a living if their marriage falls apart. Everyone is so quick to condemn her, but we think she’s doing the best that she knows how in a time any one of us would be falling apart.
We don’t blame her if she ends up leaving the show. We know we’ll miss her, though. Bloop!

real housewives cynthia bailey stylist wedding bravo 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' finale: Cynthia's wedding keeps you (and her) guessing

Cynthia: She didn’t run. We’ll give her that. And in the end, she made the decision that was right for her. We wonder what she did when she found out her sister and mother almost took that choice from her by hiding her marriage license? Reunion question!
It’s obvious that the wedding tapped the couple out. The fact that they couldn’t come up with just $3,000 for the alcohol and the wedding bands never materialized proves that much. We have to admit we weren’t sure if she was just going through with the wedding, because she didn’t want to disappoint her guests or if it was because she truly knew Peter was the one.
But when she appeared at the top of the stairs and Peter began to cry, we believe she did it for the love of Peter. And, well, if it doesn’t work, she still has her Plan B — or should we call it “Plan D.”
As we mentioned before, this season was very different from previous seasons of “RHOA,” and it will be interesting to see how settled we find the the women in Season 4.
What were your thoughts on Cynthia’s wedding and where everyone landed in the finale?
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