real housewives atlanta bravo nene leakes divorce getty 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': NeNe Leakes says 'Gregg doesn't want a divorce,' but she's undecided

On the current season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we’ve watched NeNe Leakes and her husband, Gregg, go through some painful marital problems. 
In the meantime, we’ve been hearing a lot of “he said, she said” surrounding the status of their divorce. So, when Zap2it spoke to NeNe recently, she cleared up a few things for us.
The public first got word of the impending divorce when it seemed Gregg did a radio interview with Internet radio station, Large FM (which later aired on the Bravo show). In it, he slammed NeNe saying he had spent a lot of money to set her up in Atlanta society and he confirmed they were going through a divorce. 
Here’s the first catch. Gregg says he had no idea his phone conversation was being recorded and according to NeNe that’s true.

“Gregg didn’t do an interview with a radio station,” NeNe says. “He is friendly with that guy. He called the guy at a time he was mad at me or we were having an argument and he recorded their conversation when Gregg was confiding in him.”
Then, of course, there’s the confusion of who filed for divorce. According to an interview NeNe did with, Bravo edited the footage in the wrong order. According to the housewife, she filed for divorce months before he made that phone call to the radio station host. And she confirms to us that she filed the papers not Gregg as some reports say.

“I filed for divorce,” she says. “So Gregg and I are currently divorcing, but it’s not final.”
So, the divorce has been filed and according to, NeNe has hired her divorce attorney. But ten days after that report on Jan. 13, posted an interview with Gregg saying the couple had put the divorce behind them.
“I think [divorce] has been thrown around so much that I’m over it,” he tells the site. “She’s over it, and we’re just moving on with our life. And we’re moving on with our life as best we possibly can and that’s old news for the both of us.”
That might just be wishful thinking on his part, though. When we spoke to NeNe the day after his interview posted, she was clearly keeping her options open.
“Gregg does not want a divorce,” she tells us. “And he’s trying to see what he can do to make it work. I don’t know if we’re going to get back together or we’re going to make it final.”
What’s your take? Should NeNe work it out with Gregg?
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