real housewives atlanta reunion cynthia nene andy bravo 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion: NeNe and Cynthia dish it was 'us versus them'

In mid-January, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” gathered for at least ten hours at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium to hash out their differences in a grueling day that fans will see on Sunday’s (Feb. 13) Part 1 of the reunion special.
“Right before they say it’s a reunion, everybody’s stressed out,” NeNe Leakes tells Zap2it.
“In our life,” Cynthia Bailey tells us. “The reunion show is a big deal and I guess it’s big to the viewers that watch the show, as well. I was very anxious to do it and get it over with.”
All that stress and anxiety doesn’t surprise us. If there were a battle royale to be had in Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, it would be the reunion show. But from what Cynthia and NeNe tell us, it was more like a game of “Survivor” as the other women started scheming before they actually sat down for the reunion shoot.

real housewives atlanta reunion kandi phaedra bravo 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion: NeNe and Cynthia dish it was 'us versus them'

“People try to form alliances,” NeNe says. “Which I never do. I just go in. It’s just a really difficult thing to sit there in front of the person that you said this or that and they’re asking you why you said that. I used to say it’s because I have an opinion and I can give my opinion any time I want to. And when I stop stating that and start stating the facts, then it’s time to get worried.”
When it comes to forming the alliances, NeNe says she knows who the main schemer was.
Phaedra [Parks] is hilarious to me,” she says. “She talked all this stuff about everybody, all us girls, but I seem to be the only one who has a problem with it. That is probably because she has called each girl up and made friendly with them, saying I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that… So, Phaedra and all of them apologized to each other and of course they all want to be against me. It was sort of like me and Cynthia against them.”
“Yes, that would be accurate,” Cynthia says of the alliances. “I don’t know what’s going on with the other girls. I don’t really talk to them as much as I talk to NeNe. So, I think it’s pretty obvious that they were all together, you know, in terms of conversation. They all seemed to be fine with everything coming from them and then, you know, it was kind of like us versus them.”
Regardless, NeNe says she didn’t walk in to the reunion expecting anything less than the other girls becoming citizens of “Haterville.”
“It’s mainly because I do a lot of things, so I can understand all this hating on me,” NeNe says. “I don’t expect them to lift me up or pat me on the back. I know I’m going to encounter haters. Besides that, I know exactly who I am. I’m not fishing for a compliment.”
But while NeNe understood why the girls formed an alliance for the reunion, Cynthia sees no point to it all. “I don’t really get the idea of joining together,” Cynthia says. “It’s like look, you said it, own it, defend it, and move on. This show is about opinions. You feel that way about me, hey, that’s fair… I think it’s a choice when you say things about each other that cross the line.”
Watch a preview of NeNe versus Phaedra from the reunion below:

What do you think about Phaedra allegedly forming an alliance with the other housewives against NeNe and Cynthia?
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