kim zolciak rhoa bravo 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Should Kim have fired Sweetie?Sunday’s (March 11) episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” finds most of our Georgia Peaches in a bit of a hot mess: Cynthia has a (further) falling out with her sister and mother over her marriage to Peter, Kim’s on the brink of firing Sweetie, Nene’s son Bryson’s arrested for shoplifting, Sheree’s telling Lawrence all about how Marlo used a gay slur in Africa, and Phaedra’s elbow-deep in embalming fluid — which is actually exactly where she wants to be.

Kandi managed to stay mostly out of the fray this week, giving her a much-needed break after last week’s verbal beat down during the whole “I don’t think you’re racist” conversation with Kim and co.

One of the weird things about reality TV shows like this one, where everything we see on the show happened months ago, is that daily tabloid news keeps on churning. So while they may still be working together on the episode we watched, we know that Kim and Sweetie have already parted ways. (And for that matter, we already knew Bryson was arrested for shoplifting.)

But in the time-delayed world of the show where they’re still together, this is a toxic work relationship for both of them. I think Sweetie’s become far too comfortable with Kim, and vice versa — Kim needs a real assistant and Sweetie needs a real job.

What do you think?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper