real housewives atlanta nene cynthia 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Where babies are born in 7 months

Oh, we’re pretty used to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” amazing ability to believe their own hype. But Sunday’s (Nov. 7) episode takes the cake.
Kim Zolciak’s new song: Kim understands she can’t sing, right? She knows as much as we do that while “Tardy for the Party” was a fun dance song, her vocals are not exactly blowing us away, right? But, now Kandi Burruss is attempting to help her again and she knows that Kim can’t do those notes and those vocal runs. 
We feel there’s a bit of revenge going on here. Kandi, give the girl an easy song to sing and give it a hot dance beat and you’ll be done with it. Unless, you meant to embarrass with her…
We won’t even go into the crazy prices Kim wanted for her old stuff. Thank God, dad was there and he had some sense.

real housewives atlanta kandi kim 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Where babies are born in 7 months
Kandi: You know I have a Grammy, right? Google me.
Phaedra Parks’ pregnancy: Phaedra proves that education doesn’t always mean you have common sense. Does she really believe she can sit at a table of mothers and get away with telling them she’s having her pregnancy induced at seven months? Surely, she knows better.

NeNe Leakes’ marriage: NeNe is clearly trying to show a tough exterior in a very difficult time. First, her fool son wants to be a club promoter? That’s not a surprise. He’s part of this young generation that thinks they can finish college (or worse not even get educated) and then take over the world. We laughed when Cynthia Bailey’s boyfriend, Peter, mentioned all that he learned about business by working at fast food restaurants and other odd jobs during college. Bryce wasn’t havin’ it.
And then we have NeNe’s marriage. It’s so bad right now and while she acknowledges it’s in a bad place, it takes several glasses of wine for her to be able to speak about the situation with some level of honesty. We’re pretty sure we’ll learn that Greg definitely cheated on her. Poor NeNe. No amount of plastic surgery — no matter how good you look — will help with the pain of your partner cheating.
There’s new math going on in Atlanta and things aren’t adding up.
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