demetria mckinney bet awards 2014 gi 'Real Housewives of Atlanta's' Demetria McKinney makes a dramatic first impressionDemetria McKinney sure knows how to make an entrance. The new “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star burst onto the show Sunday (Dec. 21) and immediately got into it with cast member Kenya Moore over a man. 

While not being billed as a full-fledged cast member, but a “friend,” McKinney made an entrance quite possibly more dramatic than any housewife has. The actress and singer is first seen on the series ready to “represent” in an all-white, skintight, two-piece and sky high heels. 
Fellow housewife Cynthia Bailey describes her as a “super talented singer/actress that [she] has been cool with for years.” Notice she doesn’t mention anything about being friends with McKinney. As soon as audiences get a glimpse of her, it is clear she is a woman who knows what she wants. When McKinney comes into Bailey’s agency looking for a “fly chocolate, 6’5″ hunk” to be featured in her new music video, it is evident she is a confident lady. 
The real drama starts when McKinney reveals she has been dating her manager, Roger Bobb, for eight years. The news completely takes Cynthia and her husband, Peter, off guard. 
“Peter and I have known Roger Bobb for years and we have never heard him talk about having a girlfriend,” Bailey says in a confessional interview. McKinney says nobody knew because at the time they met she was starring on the series “House of Payne,” on which Bobb was a producer alongside Tyler Perry. The two couldn’t be a public couple because Perry apparently didn’t like the whole interoffice romance thing. McKinney is tired of being in hiding and is ready to take the pair’s union to the masses — perhaps at her album release party.
Housewife Kenya Moore was seen somewhat recently in a picture with McKinney’s boo, and Moore never denied the reports she had a new billionaire boyfriend — so naturally the two women would be enemies, right? Judging by McKinney’s first appearance on the franchise, things are bound to get quite dramatic fast. Watch the less than stellar first meeting McKinney and Moore share in the clip below. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins