When “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes sat down to chat with Access Hollywood, she covered a lot of topics, but there was one moment that did it for us. 
Before we get to that, the duo asked about her relationship with husband Greg, who she has been with for 14 years, she succinctly answered, “We’re legally married.” 
The two are currently going through some problems on the show, especially after his marital gripes were aired without his permission on a local radio show.
She seemed to have also lost that loving feeling for her castmates. When asked who she “was done with,” NeNe answered Kim Zolciak! Neither Billy Bush nor Kit Hoover asked why. Hello, “enquiring minds want to know”!
She talked about some other topics, but our ADD only allowed us to latch on to the best part of the interview (fast forward to the last 40 seconds). NeNe starts to compliment Bush for lookin’ good. To which the very married man told her that at another time in his life, they could have been something. That put into motion our favorite part of the clip.
“You know what? You should get yourself some brown sugar every now and then,” she tells him laughing. “I’m telling you it’s good.”
Then, wait for it… He replies, “How do you know I haven’t had it?”
Consider our day made.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog