brandi glanville rhobh rant bravo 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': In defense of Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville is not trash.

Now, I know that’s an unpopular opinion, one that several of her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” castmates may not share (I’m looking at you, Joyce Giraud de Ohoven), but it’s time those she shares the camera with lay off this particular insult.

In Monday’s (Dec. 30) episode of the Bravo reality series (and in countless many episodes prior), Giraud and her icky husband Michael lobbed the term Glanville’s way during an episode-ending confrontation, much in the same way many of their fellow co-stars have in the past when her behavior failed to live up to their ridiculous standards.

Glanville is many things: She can be off-putting at times, inappropriate, coarse and controversial. That’s why she makes for great reality TV. She’s funny, honest and doesn’t seem desperate to present a false image of herself. (Ahem, Kyle Richards.) But when she drops a couple F-bombs, her co-stars tend to clutch their pearls and cluck as if they’ve never heard such naughty words before. (Save for Carlton Gebbia, who approaches profanity like a normal human adult.) Keep in mind these are grown women who’ve been legally permitted entry to R-rated films for many, many years now. I’m willing to bet they even say the word themselves when cameras aren’t around and they aren’t trying to keep up appearances.

And as they clutch and cluck, they tend to throw around this invective that means more than their fame-addled minds are apparently able to grasp. By calling Glanville trash, they’re degrading her for not being of their station. They’re saying that this woman — a single woman without a man to bankroll her every whim after her snake of an ex (Eddie Cibrian) left her in the cold — doesn’t live up to them and therefore is lesser.

There’s an undercurrent of slut-shaming in the behavior from these women, as well as a distinct lack of feminism. It’s been mentioned more than once in the past few episodes that Glanville’s lonely and needs a man to take care of her. Uh — excuse me, but she seems to be doing just fine. She’s parlayed her popularity on the series into not one, but two book deals. This season, we’ve seen her be able to move her two sons into a larger and quite lovely home. If anything, she’s to be admired for rising from the ashes of her devastation after her marriage was wrecked and flourishing as a single woman.

But, no, the ladies of “Beverly Hills” would rather rip her apart for drinking while on vacation, continually tsk-tsk her perfectly-acceptable-for-a-single-woman sexual proclivity, and act as if her potty mouth is a crime against humanity.

It’s long past the time they got over it.

Posted by:Billy Nilles