taylor armstrong kyle richards 2012 11 13 real housewives of beverly hills 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Kyle trumps Taylor with her daughter's lavish birthday bashIs 4 the new Sweet 16 for daughters of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”? Taylor Armstrong got a lot of flak back in the day for spending $60,000 on daughter Kennedy‘s fourth celebration, an extravagant Mad Hatter-themed bash organized by her party-planner pal and former Housewife “friend” Dana Wilkey.

But Kyle Richards certainly outspent her castmate on Portia’s Fabulous 4, including brown unicorns pony rides, a llama, a photo booth, myriad carnival games, a bouncy castle, free-flowing alcohol for the adults and catered cuisine. (Or did Auntie Kim bring her own Chinese takeout?)

On the bright side, at least Portia’s papa Mauricio didn’t arrive from his high-heeled charity event with a puppy, like the late Russell Armstrong, which had to be “returned” because of his daughter’s allergies.

But if Kyle seems a tad overindulgent, Yolanda Foster‘s own relationship with her daughter is anything but. Gigi, an 18-year-old model, has followed in the runway footsteps of her former modeling mom, now an overbearing stage manager. Even worse, she’s also an obsessive calorie counter, insisting her very thin daughter must drop even more weight if she wants to succeed in Paris and Milan. Considering her mother’s fixation on her “Chinese-looking” eyes, maybe Gigi should concentrate on Asia?

Back at Princess Portia’s Palace, Queen Kyle seems determined to provoke an all-out war between feuding former BFFs Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. But after walking the llama through Kyle’s house (come on, she deserved it), Lisa bailed before Adrienne’s arrival. Besides, Taylor’s merciless mean-girling of Brandi Glanville offered more than enough cattiness for one party. (Not that Brandi’s blameless, but maybe it’s time to show more maturity than the birthday girl?)

These weren’t the only storylines this week, but really, the less said about Paul shopping for women’s shoes and Taylor’s Mexican buffet, the better.

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