kyle richards kim richards real housewives of beverly hills bravo 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion recap: Kim Richards discusses her 'last shot' at sobrietySeason 3 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” came to a close on Monday (April 1) with the second half of a two-part reunion, and, as host Andy Cohen made sure, a majority of the hour was spent with the ladies discussing Kim Richards‘ hard-fought sobriety.

The conversation began when Kim and sister Kyle Richards were made to sit through a video package detailing their complete inability to have a healthy sister relationship — the sort of thing that happens between two women who miss being actresses and were emotionally stunted when that disappeared at such a young age.

After watching the season retrospective, Kim admitted of her sister, “We still have a lot of work to do, I’m sure, but I watched a lot of the season and I was hurt by a lot of the stuff I saw.” Of course, Kyle’s excuse was that she’s always acting in a “joking manner,” which is a cheap and cowardly way of asking other people to write off your undesirable behavior.

Brandi Glanville, always at odds with the Richards’ sisters, no matter how much all three protest otherwise, threw in her two cents: “I felt that Kyle was always doubting Kim’s sobriety and I almost feel like it would make her happy if she failed.”

Making perhaps the only sound she made all night, Taylor Armstrong audibly gasped, with her eyes nearly popping out of her head, as Kyle started the waterworks. “Brandi, you know nothing about my history…That is the meanest thing you could say.” Brandi admitted that she wasn’t trying to be mean, but that was how she felt Kyle came across throughout the season — and she wasn’t exactly wrong, in my opinion.

Andy, knowing what makes for good drama, asked Kim if she felt that her sister hoped she failed. The elder Richards sister teared up and said that she hoped that no one, her sister included, hoped for her failure. “If I relapsed again, I don’t think I’d make it again…This is my last shot,” Kim said, explaining that recent struggle to get clean nearly killed her.

Other Odds & Ends

When discussing former cast member Adrienne Maloof‘s relationship with ex-husband Paul Nassif, or the lack thereof, Lisa Vanderpump alleged that, in the first season of the show, Adrienne told her that Paul had moved out a couple of times, but she kept it a secret. Until now. Despite Lisa and Adrienne’s bitter animosity, I’m thinking Lisa’s telling the truth, considering Adrienne and Paul’s utter lack of chemistry and their penchant for secrecy.

Paul didn’t stop by for a sit on the couch, but he did provide an update via talking-head interview. He said that he’s looking forward to being a good father and a good dad. Regarding his relationship with Brandi, he said, “I do not blame Brandi for having Adrienne and I split. I blame Brandi for making comments that are absolutely unnecessary and hurtful. What Brandi did was wrong. She did graciously apologize to us and when we have any contact, it’s cordial.” So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Faye Resnick.

Whether he’d ever return to the show, Paul had this to say: “Will I ever be on the show again? Well, I never say never, especially if any of the ladies ever needs any emergency plastic surgery.” (Translation: No, I won’t ever be on this show again.)

Via a bit of hysterical charade, Brandi revealed that new housewife Yolanda Foster‘s hubby David was too busy working with Stevie Wonder to appear with the rest of the Househusbands.

Mauricio wears a size 12 shoe. We’ll let that one speak for itself.

Andy’s been to Amsterdam… he thinks. During the final champagne sendoff, Yolanda said a toast in Dutch and Andy told her he had no idea what she was saying. “You don’t know?” she replied. “Haven’t you ever been to Amsterdam?”

“Well, I’ve been to Amsterdam,” Andy said. “I just don’t remember it.”

Winner(s) of the Season:

Brandi and Lisa, hands down. Their very authentic and loyal friendship was the true love story of Season 3. Between Lisa admitting tonight that she trusts Brandi with her life and Brandi’s closing remarks (“I’m very blessed for the friendships that I’ve made. I have two that are lifelong — Lisa and Yolanda. I like the rest of them a little bit.”), this season would’ve been a bitter mess without these two. Let’s just hope they don’t go the way of Jill and Bethenny in “RHONY.”

Runner-up: Yolanda. A true lady who was never afraid to call anyone out on their BS. Almost took the crown for this line alone: “Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?”

Loser of the Season:

Adrienne. Hands down, bar none, Adrienne. No appearance at the reunion to even attempt to explain yourself? Weak.

What say you, “RHOBH” fans? Sad another season is behind us? Looking forward to a proposed cast shake-up for Season 4?

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