real housewives of miami season 2 bravo 'Real Housewives of Miami' Season 2   What do you think of the new cast?Bravo’s little-watched “Real Housewives of Miami” returned on Thursday, Sept. 13 with four new additions to the cast. How did newbies Lisa Hochstein, Joanna Krupa, Lea Black and Karent Sierra mesh with returning cast members Ana Quincoces, Adriana de Moura and Marysol Patton?

De Moura, an art dealer, showed her true colors almost immediately as she whined about the lack of amenities on the old yacht that her husband bought and intended to refurbish. Plus, who wears spiky heels to what is essentially a construction site?

Supermodel Krupa, who has appeared on other reality shows like “Dancing With the Stars,” tried to talk about how she wasn’t a diva. Her behavior at a photo shoot after finding out she wouldn’t be on the cover proved her otherwise.

Hochstein, the wife of a famous plastic surgeon, good-naturedly admitted
that she was extremely spoiled and she and her husband weren’t shy to
brag about their famous neighbors. But in her interviews, it definitely
seemed like she was in on how ridiculous it sounded. Quincoces, a lawyer, seemed like a similarly self-aware good fit.

It was obvious why Patton and Sierra were selected to return — both were very self-aware and funny without being too bitchy. Obviously every season needs a villain (enter Black), but there have to be people to root for to make you actually care about the show.

Obviously the real star of the show is Marysol’s mother Elsa, who is easily recognizable thanks to some botched plastic surgery, but is also a breakout personality in her own right. How could you not love her ridiculousness?

What did you think of the new “Housewives” cast members? Did they keep the right ones? Are you more likely to watch this season?

Posted by:Jean Bentley