You may think we’ve seen our fair share of witches on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series, but “The Real Housewives of Miami” can actually claim a real witch (or “seer” as cast member Marysol Patton calls her mother).
Marysol’s 76-year-old mother is one of the standout figures in Tuesday’s (Feb. 22 series premiere) and if you thought Marysol’s face (which she denies having had work on) is unique, then you haven’t met her mother, Elsa Carreras Patton. It seems to run in the family.
In a recent press call, Marysol describes her mother’s gift. “I don’t really ask for it,” she says about her mother’s insights. “She just kind of tells me what she feels when she feels something and now I listen to her because she’s always dead on.” 
Her mother doesn’t stop at just reading one’s fortune, she casts curses, too. Marysol says that she has been the recipient of at least one of those.
“When I got married the first time, I remember her coming down to the room where I was getting ready,” she recalls. “And she brought me these very fancy pearls. And she said, ‘I’ve been saving these your entire life. You need to wear these or your marriage will be cursed.'”
So, what did Marysol do? She refused to wear the pearls (which she says she knows her mother only purchased a month before her wedding), because they didn’t match the casual theme of her ceremony.
“And she was like ‘I curse you and I curse your marriage, and you will never last with this man,'” the housewife continues. “And she walked away and you know, a few years later it was down the tubes.”
Marysol should be a little afraid of how the “seer” feels about her participation in the series, but the housewife says her mother’s gifts don’t extend to reading the news.
“My mother has no idea what’s coming to her, because she doesn’t go on the internet, she doesn’t read weekly,” she says. “So I really don’t know if she knows what to expect.”
Posted by:Jethro Nededog